Fiche Dvd
Laterit Productions
Production : Laterit Productions
Pays de réalisation : Madagascar
Date de sortie : 01 Mars 2007


Bonus : Affiche-livret 50 x 37
Séquences inédites (cf article sur le film)
Filmographie (extraits)

Fiche technique : DVD 5
Image 4:3
Image re-masterisée
Son : mono


« ANGANO… ANGANO… may well be one of the first post modern ethnographic film on mythology…
It makes visible the necessary fictions from which we construct our sense of the real » African Cinema Now

Bonus : 9 different subtitlings, including Chinese and Arabic but also English, Malagasy, Français, Deutsch, Español, Português

Technical sheet : Free zone, so you can play it on any system in the world, from America to Asia, but also Africa and Europe
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