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Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask
Production : BFI
Pays de réalisation : Algérie, France, Martinique, Martinique
Date de sortie : 30 Mars 2015


Mêlant archives, interviews et scènes reconstituées, ce document brosse un portrait complexe du psychiatre et révolutionnaire Frantz Fanon. Il fut un fervent partisan de la révolution algérienne et un théoricien de la libération du tiers-monde. Ses analyses du colonialisme eurent une influence considérable en Afrique et en Amerique latine, mais aussi aux Etats-Unis chez les Black Panthers.


Starring celebrated British actor Colin Salmon (Arrow, Law & Order: UK, Tomorrow Never Dies) as Fanon, and using reconstructions, archive footage and interviews with major theorists and writers (such as Stuart Hall, Françoise Vergès and Homi K Bhabha) Frantz Fanon: Black Skin White Mask tells the story of the life and work of the highly influential anti-colonialist writer Frantz Fanon.

Together, artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien (Looking for Langston, Young Soul Rebels) and curator and producer Mark Nash (Documenta 11) undertake an intellectual and poetic exploration of Fanon’s life, influence and legacy, from his early years in Martinique (then a colony of France) to his professional life as a psychiatric doctor and revolutionary in Algeria during the bloody war of independence with France.

Now, as the film’s twentieth anniversary approaches and we witness Arab uprisings, religious fundamentalisms and the so-called ‘War on Terror’, Fanon and his work are more pertinent than ever.