Gab’s Art 2007
Organisée par Thapong Visual Arts Centre, en collaboration avec l’Ambassade de France et CulturesFrance.


The artist workshop started on 24th September and will be running until the 5th October 2007. It will end on the 6th October 2007, with an exhibition expected to attract the business community, embassies, senior government officials, and organizations aiming to promote arts and artists.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together local and regional artists (from SADC countries), as well as those from Central Africa (Kenya) and West Africa (Cameroon and Senegal). Also attending is an art critic from Africultures, a publication specializing in contemporary African arts. There will be 13 local artists taking part.

The workshop will also discuss views and issues on contemporary art in Botswana and the SADC region. The aim of these discussions and presentations is to promote cultural diversity and pluralism in the art sector.

Participants are expected to share experiences and expertise. The workshop will also encourage flow and exchange ideas.

The public is allowed to visit the Thapong Visual Arts Centre.


Botswana Artists
1. Andrew Matseba: Painter
2. Ray Gare: Painter
3. Isaac Chibua: Sculptor/Painter
4. Veryan Edwards: Painter
5. Doreen Perekisi: Stone Sculptor
6. Moses Maremelela: Painter
7. Joseph Piet: Sculptor
8. Modirwa Kekwaletswe: Painter
9. Cyril Ndolo: Painter
10. Rantefe Mothebe: Painter
11. Steven Diseko: Sculptor
12. Kaone Mmualefe: Sculptor
13. Kealeboga Mutsumi
14. Keabetswe Kanasi: Potter
15. Dintle Mogaleemang: Potter

Artists from outside
1. Stary Mwaba: Painter (Zambia)
2. Patrick Mautloa: Painter (South Africa)
3. Johannes Petrus (Namibia)
4. Soly Cisse: Painter (Senegal)
5. Ousseynou Wade: General Secretary, Dak’Art (Senegal)
6. Harun Abdul Suamade (Mozambique)
7. Mmathakane Makara: Potter (Lesotho)
8. Pedro Jemeios Tember: Painter (Mozambique)
9. Christine Eyene: Art critic, Africultures (France/UK)
10. Melingui Ambani: Painter (Cameroon)
11. Goddy Leye: Painter (Cameroon)

Richard Deacon (ENSBA- Paris-France): Workshop Leader Reginald Bakwena: Head of Thapong Visual Arts Centre
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