Sharon Stone in Abuja


Location One is proud to present SHARON STONE IN ABUJA an exhibition conceived by Zina Saro-Wiwa, British-Nigerian film-maker and founder of AfricaLab, an organisation dedicated to re-imagining Africa.

SHARON STONE IN ABUJA explores and re-imagines the powerful phenomenon that is « Nollywood », Nigeria’s booming video film industry and the world’s third largest movie industry after Bollywood and Hollywood.

The SHARON STONE IN ABUJA exhibition pays homage to Nollywood’s narrative and visual conventions and explores the emotional landscape of Nigeria and Africa, navigating the space between the emotive and emotional. The show’s opening coincides with Nigeria’s 50th Anniversary of Independence – an opportune moment to reflect on this much-maligned African country in a fresh way.

Artists Wangechi Mutu, Mickalene Thomas and Andrew Esiebo will contribute brand new works and a selection of Pieter Hugo’s seminal « Nollywood » series will be shown. Zina will also contribute two new Nollywood-inspired short films, a video sculpture featuring Nollywood actresses and an installation created in collaboration with Mickalene Thomas.
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