Animafrik, African Animation Festival 2011
3rd African Animation Festival Accra-Ghana


Animation conférence, animation workshop, film screening and discussions, Afro Caribbean animators meeting

ANIMAFRIK is an animation festival dedicated to African and Caribbean animation and designed to promote its Art and animation. The festival projects films by African and Caribbean Animators on the continent and in the Diaspora. The festival has screening sessions, workshops and conferences.

The objective of the workshop is to bring to the festival practising animators or instructors in academia who will direct and share their experience to help build capacities and raise awareness of the art of animation. This year, Ecole des Metiers du cinema d’animation D’Angouleme, France will run the animation workshops.

The 2011 festival will host three conferences to offer a platform for critical discourse of the animation and digital media industry in sub-Saharan Africa and Caribbean region.

· African and Caribbean Folklore For Animation

The session is to tap the creative skills of participants to interpret Afro Caribbean folklore on screen and television through the medium of animation

· Developing Animation Content For Children

Participants discuss element to consider in creating content for children television

· African Animation content over Digital Broadcast Platforms

Conference will look at online and options for sale, marketing and broadcasting animation content

Screenings will cover animated films from Africa and the Caribbean region. Most of these films will be premiered at the festival. The festival will also screen films submitted in competition which will qualify for awards in seven (7) categories.
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