Pieter Hugo. Permanent Error


Permanent Error sees the presentation within the ambit of the exhibition Re-Cycle of 28 photographs from a project that features the Agbogbloshie shanty town in Ghana, one of the world’s largest hi-tech dumps where computers, monitors and motherboards are burnt to retrieve copper, brass, aluminium and zinc, producing toxic residues that contaminate the air, water, land and populace.

The South African photographer Pieter Hugo has made the e-waste the subject of one of his most intriguing works, presenting an atmosphere somewhere between the bucolic and the infernal in which figures wander around bonfires and piles of electronic waste while cattle and oxen placidly graze amidst toxic miasmas from the ground. A catastrophic scenario with a further warning being launched by the title.

Pieter Hugo, Aissah Salifu, 2009-2010, Agbogbloshie, Accra (Ghana). Courtesy Galleria Extraspazio, Roma; Michael Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town; Yossi Milo, New York (part.)