Namibian Feature Film, « Taste of Rain » premiere in Windhoek
On 13 November, 20h00, Taste of Rain (debut feature by Richard Pakleppa) will have its Namibian premiere at the National Theatre of Namibia. Entry: N.


AfricAvenir, in cooperation with On Land Productions, the Filmmakers Association of Namibia (FAN) and the Namibia Film Commission (NFC), presents the Namibian Premiere of TASTE OF RAIN.

TASTE OF RAIN will be screened as part of the Namibia Film Week‘s cycle of screenings of Namibian films preceding the Namibia Theatre and Film Awards 2012.
The premiere of TASTE OF RAIN will take place on the 13 November at the NTN and followed by two further screenings: Tuesday 20th November, 20h00 at the Goethe-Centre Windhoek and on Wednesday 21st November, 18h00 at the FNCC.
All screenings will include screenings of NFC produced Namibian short films. All three screenings are open to the public.

Set on a farm in the southern Namib, the feature film is the story of one woman’s journey through drought, loss and love to healing.

Written and directed by Namibian filmmaker, Richard Pakleppa, TASTE OF RAIN was made by caste and crew from Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Belgium and Germany. Members of the caste and the crew will attend the premiere.

A seven-year drought beats down mercilessly on Rachel and her husband, Tomas, forcing him to leave her on the farm as he searches for water and grazing for their animals. Rachel remains on the farm with Ou Lena who takes care of this dangerously fragile woman. When Ray, a water diviner sent by the drought relief program, arrives on the farm Rachel is angry and dismissive. For her, it’s too little, too late. But Ray is fascinated by this broken woman. He is an ex-guerilla from Namibia’s liberation movement, with his own stories of end-of-the-road drought.

As an attraction develops between them, Rachel begins to feel herself again. She falls in love and believes she’s found an answer to living. But a chance meeting with Shaanika, a torturer who worked for the South African side during Namibia’s liberation war, injects a chilling reality into the unfolding love story.

Nicola Hanekom, a two-time 2012 Fleur du Cap winner, puts in a searing performance in the leading role as Rachel. She is supported by Frieda Byl, 77, in her first acting role. Frieda Byl delivers performances unequalled in their naturalism and gravitas.
Award-winning South African actor, Grant Swanby, plays Rachel’s husband as a weather-beaten Sysyphos whose looks speak volumes. Pope Jerrod plays the ex-guerrila commander turned water diviner with a physical charisma that is irresistible. David Ndjavera gives a chilling performance of an ex Koevoet torturer who crosses paths with one of his victims. Tuli Shityuwete appears in an unforgettable cameo role as a dancer whose movements trigger memories and take Rachel onto a path of healing.

TASTE OF RAIN is a Namibian- South African-German co-production produced by Richard Pakleppa (On Land Productions, Namibia), Bridget Pickering (Luna Films, South Africa) and Oliver Stoltz (Dreamer Joint Venture, Germany.

Un voyage intense dans les replis de l’âme.
Rachel et Tomas ont partagé une vie agréable et prospère dans leur ferme en Namibie mais, après le décès de leurs fille et des années de sécheresse, la vie fermière est devenue difficile et dépressive. Alors que Tomas part quelques semaines pour amener les chèvres à la rivière, Ray arrive, dans le cadre du programme de secours gouvernemental contre la sécheresse. Ray et Rachel tombent amoureux mais leur relation est empesée par les fantômes du passé. TASTE OF RAIN (« GOÛT DE PLUIE ») est l’émouvante histoire du femme détruite par la sécheresse et le vide.

Un film de Richard Pakleppa,
2012, Namibie / Afrique du Sud / Allemagne, Fiction, 1h23 min. 0 sec., drame

1er long métrage fiction du réalisateur documentariste namibien Richard Pakleppa.

Nicola Hanekom (Rachel), Pope Jerrod (Ray), Grant Swanby (Tomas)

Writer & Director
Richard Pakleppa

Bridget Pickering
Oliver Stoltz
Richard Pakleppa

Director of Photography
Matthys Mocke

Catherine Meyburgh

Production Designer
Angela Halle

Original Music
Braam du Toit

Re-recording Mixer
Jörg Höhne

Associate Producers
Wekas Gaba
Daniela Ramin
Bernd Curshmann
Frank Myburgh
Kai Pecht
Rafael Scriba
Jean Luc van Damme

Digital Intermediate
Das Kombinat Berlin

Sound Post Production
Studio Mitte Berlin

Produced by
Luna Films/ South Africa
On Land Productions/ Namibia
Dreamer Joint Venture / Germany

Supported by
Fonds Images Afriques (France)

Rachel > Nicola Hanekom
Ray > Pope Jerrod
Tomas > Grant Swanby
Lena > Frieda Byl
Shaanika > David Ndjavera
Dancer > Tuli Shityuwete
Tuii > Sara Gomez

Country: South Africa, Namibia, Germany
Year: 2012
Run Time: 83 min. 0 sec.
Print Source (Durban 2012): Bridget Pickering

Production Notes:
TASTE OF RAIN was shot in Namibia between September 2010 to October 2010 for five weeks. The cast and crew traveled over 1200km to shoot in desolate but awe inspiring landscapes of southern Namibia. The production used three main locations – starting at Kameelhof where most of the farm sequences were shot, Koimasis for landscapes and Luderitz for town scenes. The cast and crew of twenty-seven lived on location using the accommodation and lodges around the area. The main cast were South African based actors but the supporting cast were selected from local community. LENA was cast from the local community of Maltahoe.
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