Sundance Film Festival 2013
January 17-27, 2013


Festival History

The Sundance Film Festival brings the most original storytellers together with the most adventurous audiences for its annual program of dramatic and documentary films, shorts, New Frontier films, installations, performances, panel discussions, and dynamic music events. Since 1985, hundreds of films launched at the Festival have gained critical recognition, received commercial distribution, and reached worldwide audiences eager for fresh perspectives and new voices. Year after year, the Festival pursues new ways to introduce more people to the most original and authentic storytelling.

FILMS 2013

A comedic, satirical, sci-fi pop musical based on the theories of Ray Kurzweil and other futurists, #PostModem is the story of two Miami girls and how they deal with technological… »

30% (Women and Politics in Sierra Leone)
Oil-painted animation brings to life the stories of three powerful women in postconflict Sierra Leone, revealing the violence and corruption women face as they fight for… »

99%-The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film
In 2011, seemingly overnight, Occupy captured the imagination of our nation-and the world. The sweeping story of the birth of a movement, 99%-The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative… »

Carter has spent much of his life mediating fights between his acrimoniously divorced, ill-behaved mother and father and taking on the role of designated authority figure… »

After Tiller
Since the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas in 2009, only four doctors in the United States continue to perform third-trimester abortions. These physicians, all… »

Afternoon Delight
Rachel is a quick-witted and lovable, yet tightly coiled, thirtysomething steeped in the creative class of Los Angeles’s bohemian, affluent Silver Lake neighborhood. Everything… »

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
Bob Muldoon and Ruth Guthrie, an impassioned young outlaw couple on an extended crime spree, are finally apprehended by lawmen after a shootout in the Texas hills. Although… »

American Promise
In 1999, filmmakers Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson turned the camera on themselves and began filming their five-year-old son, Idris, and his best friend, Seun, as they… »

Animation Spotlight

You know who you are-don’t ever doubt yourself.-Erma Hill to her daughter, AnitaOn October 11, 1991, a poised young law professor sent shock waves through the nation… »

The Apocalypse
Four uninspired friends try to come up with a terrific idea for how to spend their Saturday afternoon. »

Ass Backwards
Kate and Chloe have been best friends since childhood, when they both tied for dead last in their hometown beauty pageant. Now they are all grown up and living in New York… »

Jane’s life-size paper doll of Mr. Darcy and her « I Love Darcy » tote may be tattered, but even in her thirties, she hasn’t grown out of her obsession with all things… »

The Battle of amfAR
When AIDS strikes, two very different women-Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor and research scientist Dr. Mathilde Krim-join forces to create America’s first AIDS research… »

Before Midnight
We meet Celine and Jesse nine years after their last rendezvous. Almost two decades have passed since their first encounter on a train bound for Vienna, and we now find them… »

Benjamin’s Flowers
Lovelorn and lonely Benjamin lives on the blurry borderline between fantasy and reality. »

Big Sur
Big Sur focuses on a moment in Jack Kerouac’s life when, overwhelmed by the success of his opus On the Road and struggling with alcoholism, he retreats to his publisher… »

Bite of the Tail
Life is a constant struggle for a husband and wife. She is suffering from stomach pain, and the doctor has no clue about a cure. Meanwhile, her husband is on his own journey… »

Black Metal
After a career spent mining his music from the shadows, one fan creates a chain reaction for the lead singer of a black metal band. »

Many of us have experienced the excitement and awe of watching 8,000-pound orcas, or « killer whales, » soar out of the water and fly through the air at sea parks, as if… »

Blood Brother
The unmistakable power of love is celebrated in this story of one man’s decision to move to India and restart his life among the dispossessed. « Rocky Anna, » as the… »

Blue Caprice
Blue Caprice is inspired by the Beltway sniper attacks during which two men, John Muhammed and Lee Malvo, conducted a siege of terror on the Washington, D.C. area. Their… »

An African family, lost in America, travels to a Louisiana church to find a cure for its problem child. »

Breathe In
As summer turns to fall, music teacher Keith Reynolds privately reminisces about his days as a starving artist in the city. While his wife, Megan, and daughter, Lauren, look… »

Broken Night
A young woman and her four-year-old daughter drive across desolated hills. Everything looks fine and they seem to enjoy the ride, until an accident sends them into the nightmare… »

David has it all figured out. His plan-more a Steinbeckian dream-is to spend his summer working on an apple farm in Oregon with his best friend, Jennifer. When she bails… »

The Capsule
Seven young women. A mansion perched on a Cycladic rock. A series of lessons on discipline, desire, discovery, and disappearance. A melancholy, inescapable cycle on the brink… »

The Captain
A man wakes up with a hangover, only to discover the consequences of his actions. »

Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?
Catnip is all the rage with today’s modern feline, but do we really understand it? This film frankly discusses the facts about this controversial substance. »

Filmed in Charlottesville, Virginia, and starring a General Motors automobile-the titular brown Buick Century-meeting its fate. »

Charlie Victor Romeo
When you board an airplane, who are those people in uniform to whom you entrust your life? What do they really do when things go horribly wrong? Derived entirely from the… »

Circles unfolds as a triptych, exploring the moral convolutions and complex story strands that emerge from one fateful moment.Marco, a Serbian soldier on leave during the… »

Citizen Koch
The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010 lifted a century-long ban on restricted corporate election spending, unleashing a new era of unbridled special-interest… »

The Companion
On the outskirts of Lima, a young prostitute tends to his father, a fallen-from-grace artisan. However, the young man feels that his efforts are never enough. He tries to… »

Computer Chess
« Is there a computer program in the house which can stand up against a human chess master? » That’s the question posed by mastermind of the game Pat Henderson, head… »

Abby is a fortysomething, wealthy, married, lesbian housewife who-after getting smacked in the head by her son’s baseball-walks around every corner of her suburban… »

The Crash Reel
This eye-popping, yet intimate, profile of U.S. champion snowboarder Kevin Pearce exposes the potentially high price of participating in action sports. Poised to compete… »

Crystal Fairy
Jamie is a boorish, insensitive American twentysomething traveling in Chile, who somehow manages to create chaos at every turn. He and his friends are planning on taking… »

The Cub
Wolves make the best parents. »

The Curse
Fatine has ventured far from the village to meet her older lover. When a small boy catches her, all she wants to do is go home. »

Cutie and the Boxer
Zachary Heinzerling’s remarkable debut is an indelible portrait of art, companionship, and the 40-year love story between Ushio and Noriko Shinohara, two Japanese artists… »

Rap artist Yung Jake is Net art incarnate, flowing lyrics about tweet culture, datamoshing, hashtags, and memes as he blows up on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram… »

The Date
Tino’s manhood is put to the test in front of two women when he has to host a date for Diablo, the family’s stud cat. »

Dirty Wars
It’s the dirty little secret of the War on Terror: all bets are off, and almost anything goes. We have fundamentally changed the rules of the game and the rules of engagement.… »

Documentary Shorts Program 1

Documentary Shorts Program 2

Don Jon’s Addiction
Jon Martello objectifies everything in his life: his apartment, his car, his family, his church, and, of course, women. His buddies even call him Don Jon because of his ability… »

The East
Someone is attacking big corporate CEOs and forcing them to consume harmful products they manufacture. An elite private intelligence firm is called into action and contracts… »

Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes
Emanuel, an acerbic but sensitive teen, lives with her father and stepmother. She’s on the verge of another birthday-a day she has never cared for since her mother died… »

Endless Day
For most people, sleep comes naturally, but for others, the night turns into an ongoing struggle to drift off into oblivion. This film explores what it’s like to be awake… »

Escape from Tomorrow
Jim White is an average American family man, mostly content to exist within his humdrum reality. At the tail end of a theme park vacation with his loving wife and two beautiful… »

The Event
Love and a severed foot at the end of the world. »

Fall to Grace
Former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey famously resigned from office after declaring himself « a gay American. » Since then, he has been working as a spiritual advisor… »

Fallen City
The 2008 earthquake in China utterly destroyed not only physical structures but also human lives in mountain cities like Beichuan. Through the gracefully interwoven stories… »

Fat Shaker
Mohammad Shirvani’s captivating feature reveals an intensely personal vision as it explores gendered and generational conflicts. The film introduces us to a father and… »

A solitary hunter finds a wild boy in the woods and brings him back to civilization. Alienated by his strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies… »

Fill the Void
Developed at the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab, Fill the Void captivated audiences at last year’s Jerusalem, Venice, and New York film festivals. And it’s no wonder… »

Fire in the Blood
In 1996, the development of antiretroviral drug therapies may not have cured AIDS, but the breakthrough made the disease treatable-if patients could afford the hefty price… »

Oscar Grant was a 22-year-old Bay Area resident who loved his friends, was generous to strangers, and had a hard time telling the truth to the mother of his beautiful daughter.… »

Le Futur Proche
A French immigrant pilot receives an unexpected phone call that changes his life forever. He must deal with the emotional consequences of the call while still completing… »

The Future
When her parents die in a car accident, adolescent Bianca’s universe is upended. Staying alone in the family’s Rome apartment and entrusted with the care of her younger… »

Gangs of Wasseypur
This captivating epic premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in the Directors’ Fortnight program. Filmmaker Anurag Kashyup has created a rollercoaster of brutal intensity… »

The Gatekeepers
Since its North American debut at the Telluride and Toronto film festivals, The Gatekeepers has inspired passionate debate. Its insider view of Israeli national security… »

Gideon’s Army
Our lives no longer belong to us alone; they belong to all those who need us desperately.-Elie WieselIn 1963, the landmark Supreme Court decision Gideon v. Wainwright guaranteed… »

God Loves Uganda
A battle rages in East Africa, where crosses replace guns and shouts of prayer roar louder than missiles. American evangelical Christians have chosen Uganda, with Africa’s… »

Google and the World Brain
The goal of accumulating all human knowledge in one repository has been a dream since ancient times. Only recently, however, has that dream become a reality. Quietly and… »

Roy purchases a handgun to protect his wife and newborn baby after a terrifying home invasion. The newfound sense of power Roy feels carrying the weapon becomes an obsession,… »

Beto, a security guard in a Mexico City gym, quietly observes the healthy bodies of the muscle-bound patrons, which contrast sharply with his own physical deterioration.… »

Hell Baby
Expectant couple Jack and Vanessa move into the most haunted fixer-upper in New Orleans-a house with a deadly demonic curse. When things soon spiral out of control, it’ll… »

History of the Eagles Part 1
Alison Ellwood’s intimate, meticulously crafted patchwork of rare archival material, concert footage, and unseen home movies explores the evolution and enduring popularity… »

Clemens Trunschka is not doing so well. With spotty employment and a shaky marriage, he’s pretty much lost any claim to being a « functional alcoholic. » The more accurate… »

I Used to Be Darker
When Taryn, a Northern Irish runaway, finds herself in trouble in Ocean City, Maryland, she seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore. But Kim and Bill have problems… »

In a World…
Carol Solomon is a struggling vocal coach. Propelled by the hubris of her father, Sam Sotto, the reigning king of movie-trailer voice-over artists, Carol musters the courage… »

In Fear
In Jeremy Lovering’s chilling debut, a young couple fights to survive one night-turned-nightmare. Driving to a music festival, Tom and Lucy have plans to stay at a countryside… »

In Hanford
This heartbreaking true story of a town poisoned by Cold War-era nuclear-arms manufacture is told through firsthand accounts and fantasy scenes, which empathize with the… »

Inequality for All
In lectures, books, and years of commentary, former labor secretary and current UC Berkeley Professor Robert Reich has argued passionately that widening income inequality… »

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete
During a sweltering summer in New York City, 14-year-old Mister’s hard-living mother is apprehended by the police, leaving the boy and nine-year-old Pete alone to forage… »

Interior. Leather Bar.
The 1980 film Cruising, starring Al Pacino as an undercover cop investigating a murder in the New York City gay, leather, bar scene, was plagued with controversy, and its… »

Irish Folk Furniture
In Ireland, old hand-painted furniture is often associated with hard times, with poverty, and with a time many would rather forget. In this animated documentary, 16 pieces… »

It Felt Like Love
Fourteen-year-old Lila is experiencing an ennui-filled Brooklyn summer. She awkwardly wears a Kabuki-esque mask of sunscreen at the beach and plays third wheel to Chiara,… »

An allegory of the Last Supper depicting the establishment of a new nation-state, Kudzanai Chiurai’s Iyeza explores the African condition by juxtaposing the past and the… »

Set during the 1948 Jeju Massacre in Korea, Jiseul tells the story of some 120 villagers who hid in a cave for 60 days from soldiers who were under shoot-to-kill orders.… »

In 1976, college dropout Steve Jobs heralded a revolution within the confines his parents’ garage. Jobs, along with friend and technical wizard Steve Wozniak, unleashed… »

When two young men photograph a gigantic fish leaping from the sea, their small town becomes a tourist attraction in this story about the old and the new. »

A guilt-ridden, but well-intentioned, yuppie goes to great lengths to prove she is a decent person. »

On a night out in New York City, a young man tries to avoid his problems. »

Kill Your Darlings
While he is attending Columbia University in 1944, the young Allen Ginsberg’s life is turned upside down when he sets eyes on Lucien Carr, an impossibly cool and boyishly… »

Kink tells the true story of sex, submission, and big business as seen through the eyes of the unlikely pornographers whose nine-to-five workdays are spent within the confines… »

Michał and Karina fall head over heels in love during their summer holiday in Spain. Under the warm sun-soaked vineyards in the ecstasy of their thrilling new romance, everything… »

Life According to Sam
Progeria is an extremely rare and fatal disease, exemplified by accelerated aging in the children who are afflicted by it. There is no treatment. There is no cure. Enter… »

The Lifeguard
Leigh, a whip-smart former valedictorian on the verge of 30, is living a seemingly perfect life in New York. When her work aspirations and love life suddenly come crashing… »

In February 2012, an entire nation of basketball fans unexpectedly went « Linsane. » Stuck in the mire of a disappointing season, the New York Knicks did what no other… »

The Look of Love
Welcome to the scandalous world of Paul Raymond, entrepreneur, impresario, and the « king of Soho. » Seeing mediocrity in the smutty sex parlors of London, Raymond unveils… »

In 1972-long before the Internet porn explosion of today-Deep Throat became a cultural phenomenon. As the first pornographic feature film to be embraced by mainstream… »

The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear
The story begins with an experiment. A filmmaker in the country of Georgia posts an ad inviting youth to audition for her film. Facing the camera, the hopefuls confess their… »

Magic Magic
If Alicia could just get some sleep, everything would be all right. As she and her close friend Sarah make their way through rural Chile with Sarah’s boyfriend, his sister,… »

A talented gymnast makes a life-changing discovery as she prepares for an important tournament, which is her last chance to reach the top. »

On May 2, 2011, Osama bin Laden, America’s public enemy number one, was killed by Navy SEALs in a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The raid, a watershed moment that gripped… »

Marcel, King of Tervuren
In this Greek tragedy-as acted out by Belgian roosters-Marcel survives the bird flu, alcohol, sleeping pills, and his son, Max. »

El Mariachi
El Mariachi, Robert Rodriguez’s debut feature, sneaked into the 1993 Sundance Film Festival completely unheralded and emerged with the dramatic Audience Award…and cult… »

May in the Summer
May has it all-a celebrated book, a sophisticated New York life, and a terrific fiancé to match. But when she heads to Amman, Jordan, to arrange her wedding, she lands… »

The Meteor
A man in prison, a wife carrying on a new life, a mother getting older: three lives connected and warped by a single event. As fortysomething Pierre is serving a 14-year… »

Metro Manila
Seeking a brighter future in megacity Manila, Oscar Ramirez and his family flee their impoverished life in the rice fields of the northern Philippines. But the sweltering… »

While O. J. Simpson stands trial and a big beef brews between Tupac and Biggie, Al Jolson’s great-great-grandson Jolie Jolson reaches for a dream he will never achieve.… »

The Moo Man
In the bucolic English countryside, Stephen Hook runs the family dairy farm, Hook and Son, a lo-fi anomaly resisting a hi-fi world. Farming is a hard life and an even harder… »

Mother of George
At long last, handsome Ayodele Balogen, owner of a small Nigerian restaurant in Brooklyn, will wed his beautiful fiancée, Adenike, and they will start a new life together… »

Movies Made from Home #15
Robert attempts to keep himself healthy and fit so he can live as long as possible, unaware of what that really means. »

Movies Made from Home #6
Debbie is good at playing hide and seek-so good she is often hard to find. »

Direct from the Cannes Film Festival, consummate storyteller Jeff Nichols, whose Take Shelter premiered to great acclaim at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, returns to Park… »

Narco Cultura
To a growing number of Mexicans and Latinos in the Americas, narco-traffickers have become iconic outlaws and the new models of fame and success. They represent a pathway… »

The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman
Obeying the last wish of his deceased mother, young American Charlie travels to Eastern Europe with no plans. He lands in a truly unknown place-wilder, weirder, and more… »

New Frontier Shorts Program

Lyle and Nina are in love-with each other and with getting high, but not necessarily in that order. Wafting through aimless days in New York smoking weed whenever possible,… »

Night Shift
Salote, an airport cleaner, starts another long night shift. She keeps her head down, does her job, and gleans the means for her survival from what others leave behind. »

Pablo Larrain is at the forefront of a growing wave of thrilling Chilean directors. His latest film, No, wowed festivalgoers at Cannes, Toronto, and New York and establishes… »

Oh Willy…
Willy returns to his naturalist roots as he bungles his way into noble savagery. »

On Suffocation
This dialogue-free film about an execution describes what happens when the system becomes more important than human life. »

Outlawed in Pakistan
Kainat Soomro, a Pakistani teenager, accuses four men from her village of gang-raping her. She takes her case to the Pakistani courts and faces a deeply flawed criminal-justice… »

A successful house tuner provides clients with a unique form of therapy that examines subtle details in their living spaces. »

Pandora’s Promise
The atomic bomb, the specter of a global nuclear holocaust, and disasters like Fukushima have made nuclear energy synonymous with the darkest nightmares of the modern world.… »

Three immigrant window cleaners risk their lives every day rappelling down some of Chicago’s tallest skyscrapers. Paraíso reveals the danger of their job and what they see… »

Pit Stop
Recovering from an ill-fated affair with a married man, Gabe finds solace in the relationship he maintains with his ex-wife and daughter. On the other side of town, Ernesto… »

Primate Cinema: Apes as Family
Chimpanzees, our closest relatives, like to watch television. What would a film made expressly for chimps look like? A primatologist and actors in chimp suits present a primate… »

Prince Avalanche
An odd couple of sorts, meditative and stern Alvin and his girlfriend’s brother, Lance, dopey and insecure, leave the city behind to spend the summer in solitude repainting… »

Pussy Riot-A Punk Prayer
In the winter of 2011, after a controversial election, Vladimir Putin was reinstalled as president of Russia. In response, hundreds of thousands of citizens rose up all over… »

The Rambler
Upon release from prison, a solitary man known only as « the Rambler » embarks on a mysterious journey en route to reconnecting with his long-lost brother. Traversing treacherous… »

War, fate, and a broken Walkman transcend time and space in this sci-fi love story. »

A lyrical and haunting portrait of reindeer herding in the twilight expanses of the Lapland wilderness. »

A River Changes Course
In her feature directorial debut, Kalyanee Mam, the cinematographer for the Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job, explores the damage rapid development has wrought in her… »

The Roper
A black man with hip-hop and zydeco roots hard-grafts through the local, all-white rodeo circuits in the Deep South as he dreams of competing in the National Finals Rodeo… »

Running from Crazy
Hailed as one of the most distinguished families in American literature, the Hemingways have always exposed both their bright brilliance and their harrowing secrets. Barbara… »

Inside a darkened house looms a column of TVs littered with VHS tapes, a pagan shrine to forgotten analog gods. The screens crackle and pop endlessly with monochrome vistas… »

When Salma, a young Muslim girl in a south Indian village, was 13 years old, her family locked her up for 25 years, forbidding her to study and forcing her into marriage.… »

A mysterious and disturbing suburban narrative about a listless young mother who is torn between family duty and self-serving fantasies. »

The Secret of Trees
What do trees know that we don’t? Thirteen-year-old inventor Aidan has discovered that trees use a mathematical formula to gather sunlight in crowded forests. Now he wonders… »

A boy’s childhood scars his life. »

Living in New Zealand in 1981 amid high racial tension, Willie, a half-Samoan teenager, is coming into his own. With an unpredictable father, Willie spends most of his time… »

Shorts Program 1
Shorts Program 2
Shorts Program 3
Shorts Program 4
Shorts Program 5

Heralding a bold new voice in British genre filmmaking, Ben Wheatley’s third feature continues his recent tear of pitch-black comedies full of violent repercussions (Kill… »

A detective is sent to the desert to investigate a murder only to find out he’s been investigating his own death. »

A young taxidermist and small-town loner is entranced by a girl who finds his work beautiful. Just as their relationship begins to progress, he does something that drastically… »

Photographer Chris Killip shares unpublished images chronicling time spent among the fiercely independent residents of a remote English fishing village. »

Social Butterfly
When a 30-year-old American woman attends a teenage party in the south of France, guests wonder who she is and what she is doing there. »

Soldate Jeannette
Even though the walls are crumbling around Fanni’s opulent lifestyle, one would never tell due to her poker face and unflappable etiquette. No longer moved by the beautiful… »

The Song of the Mechanical Fish
A fisherman who lives in a deserted village in the far north receives an invitation to the wedding of a son he has never seen and decides to make a redemptive journey. »

Sound City
Multitalented musician Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fronts a mission to resurrect the rapidly vanishing human touch behind the creation of music. When Sound City,… »

The Spectacular Now
Sutter Keely lives in the now. It’s a good place for him. A high school senior, charming and self-possessed, he’s the life of the party, loves his job at a men’s clothing… »

The Square (Al Midan)
In February 2011, Egyptians-particularly young ones-showed the world the way people demanding change can drive an entire nation to transformation. The result was a profound… »

After India’s father dies in an auto accident, her Uncle Charlie, whom she never knew existed, comes to live with her and her emotionally unstable mother, Evelyn. Soon… »

Stories We Tell
Actor/director Sarah Polley previously attended the Sundance Film Festival as a filmmaker with her shorts Don’t Think Twice and I Shout Love and her first feature film,… »

A Story for the Modlins
The tale of Elmer Modlin, who, after appearing in Rosemary’s Baby, fled with his family to a far-off country and shut himself away in a dark apartment for 30 years. »

The Stuart Hall Project
A person’s culture is something that is often described as fixed or defined and rooted in a particular region, nation, or state. Stuart Hall, one of the most preeminent… »

Summer Vacation
The family summer vacation-sea, sun, and sand-and all Yuval wants is to get the heck out of there. »

The Summit
Although K2 is only the second-highest peak in the world, it is renowned as the most dangerous and revered by mountaineers as their ultimate challenge. In August 2008, 18… »

Against the backdrop of the American Old West, newlyweds Luke and Sarah struggle to make a living cultivating their small patch of land. Soon a much bigger struggle arises… »

A Teacher
Diana, a young, attractive teacher at a suburban Texas high school, is well-liked by her students and colleagues. Her life seems to be following the status quo, but in reality… »

Thank You
A pack of fire wolves attack a snow golem in the forest and accidentally leave a cub behind after their retreat. The golem’s life is thrown into chaos as he attempts to reunite… »

There Will Come a Day
A personal crisis sends Augusta, a young Italian woman, far from home on a search for faith and meaning in her life. True to her devout Catholic background, she decides to… »

This Is Martin Bonner
In his fifties, Martin Bonner leaves his old life behind and relocates to Reno, where he finds work as the volunteer coordinator for a church-based program that helps released… »

Today and Tomorrow
Iranian and Afghani political refugees make a life for themselves in Holland as they anxiously await word if they will be granted political asylum or sent back to their native… »

Top of the Lake
Twenty-three years after screening her first feature, Sweetie, in Park City, Jane Campion returns to the Sundance Film Festival with Top of the Lake, a chilling six-hour… »

Touchy Feely
What happens when a family’s delicate psychic balance suddenly unravels? Abby is a free-spirited massage therapist. Her brother, Paul, an emotional zombie, owns a flagging… »

Toy’s House
Joe Toy, on the verge of adolescence, finds himself increasingly frustrated by his single father, Frank’s, attempts to manage his life. Declaring his freedom once and for… »

The humdrum daily routine of a tram conductress is jolted when the vibrations and rhythm of the road turn her on and take her on an erotic and surrealistic fantasy journey. »

Twenty Feet from Stardom
What would a pop song be without the riffs, refrains, and harmonies of its backup vocalists? Although these singers are usually relegated to the margins, and few, if any,… »

Two Mothers
A gripping tale of love, lust, and the power of friendship, Two Mothers charts the unconventional and passionate affairs embarked upon by two lifelong friends, Lil and Roz,… »

Until the Quiet Comes
Shot in the Nickerson Gardens housing projects in Watts, Los Angeles, this film deals with themes of violence, camaraderie, and spirituality through the lens of magical realism. »

Upstream Color
Kris is derailed from her life when she is drugged by a small-time thief. But something bigger is going on. She is unknowingly drawn into the life cycle of a presence that… »

Valentine Road
On February 12, 2008, in Oxnard, California, eighth-grade student Brandon McInerney shot his classmate Larry King twice in the back of the head during first period. When… »

Very Good Girls
Best friends-introspective Lilly and free-spirited Gerry-spend their last summer at home in New York City before parting ways for college. The girls meet Brooklyn boy… »

Virtually Heroes
A sarcastic, self-aware character in a video game, Sgt. Books, becomes frustrated by the screwy logic of his universe: the pointless battles, superpowerful bosses, and an… »

Sam’s perfectly polished world is upended when Georgina goes missing. As everyone acts like nothing has happened, Sam drifts back into his memories of Georgina and realizes… »

Wajma (An Afghan Love Story)
It’s snowing in Kabul, and gregarious waiter Mustafa charms a pretty student named Wajma. The pair begin a clandestine relationship-they’re playful and passionate but… »

The Way, Way Back
The Way Way Back tells the story of 14-year-old Duncan’s awkward, funny, and sometimes painful summer vacation with his mother, Pam, her overbearing boyfriend, Trent, and… »

We Are What We Are
A seemingly wholesome and benevolent family, the Parkers have always kept to themselves, and for good reason. Behind closed doors, Patriarch Frank rules the roost with a… »

We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks
Julian Assange. Bradley Manning. Collateral murder. Cablegate. WikiLeaks. These people and terms have exploded into public consciousness by fundamentally changing the way… »

What Do We Have in Our Pockets?
A most unusual love story unravels when the objects in a young man’s pockets come to life. »

What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love
At a high school for the visually impaired in Jakarta, Indonesia, the students are like any other teenagers: they attend classes, pursue artistic endeavors, and fall in love.… »

When I Walk
It all started on a family vacation. In 2006, the 25-year-old, vital, handsome, talented Jason DaSilva was on a beach with his family when, suddenly, he fell down and couldn’t… »

When the Zombies Come
At a remote hardware store, fans of the walking dead have turned their love of zombies into an obsession, warping the way they see the store and its customers. »

Which Way Is The Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim
Photojournalist and filmmaker Tim Hetherington was always searching for the humanity within wartime conflict, as evidenced in his award-winning body of work. When he and… »

An aspiring drummer enters an elite conservatory’s top jazz orchestra. »

The Whistle
Marcin, a lowest-leagues football referee who lives in a small town near Krakow, dreams of better times. At his mother’s urging, he decides to change his life and find… »

Who Is Dayani Cristal?
August 3, 2010, Pima County, Arizona-Deep in the sun-blistered Sonoma desert beneath a cicada tree, border police discover a decomposing male body. Lifting a tattered T-shirt,… »

The World According to Dick Cheney
How did a college dropout who was arrested for a DUI twice in the same year become the single-most-powerful nonpresidential political figure in American history? Filmmakers… »

Wrong Cops
Imagine a Los Angeles where crime is so low that a bored cop (Mark Burnham) sells drugs and harasses a teenager (Marilyn Manson) to pass the time. Shot in stand-alone chapters… »

You Are More Than Beautiful
A man arrives in beautiful Jeju Island and pays a woman to act as his partner while he visits his ill father in this tale of beauty among base human acts. »

You Don’t Know Jack
Jack Andraka, a high school sophomore, has developed a revolutionary new test for pancreatic cancer, proving the future of science is in the hands of our youth. »

Sundance Festival Awards Winners
The culmination of the Sundance Film Festival is the Awards Ceremony. The competition juries, comprised of individuals from the worldwide film community with original and diverse points of view, select films from both the documentary and dramatic categories to receive a range of awards. Decided by Festivalgoers’ ballots, Audience Awards are bestowed upon films in each of the Festival’s four competition categories.

U. S. Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic / Fruitvale
U. S. Grand Jury Prize: Documentary / Blood Brother
World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic / Jiseul
World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Documentary / A River Changes Course

Audience Award: U. S. Dramatic presented by Acura / Fruitvale
Audience Award: U.S. Documentary presented by Acura / Blood Brother
Audience Award: World Cinema Dramatic / Metro Manila
Audience Award: World Cinema: Documentary / The Square
Audience Award: Best of NEXT / This is Martin Bonner

Directing Award: U. S. Dramatic / Afternoon Delight
Directing Award: U. S. Documentary / Cutie and the Boxer
Directing Award: World Cinema Dramatic / Crystal Fairy
Directing Award: World Cinema Documentary / The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear

Cinematography Award: U. S. Dramatic / Ain’t Them Bodies Saints [for Bradford Young] Cinematography Award: U. S. Dramatic / Mother of George [for Bradford Young] Cinematography Award: U. S. Documentary / Dirty Wars
Cinematography Award: World Cinema Dramatic / Lasting
Cinematography Award: World Cinema Documentary / Who Is Dayani Cristal?

U. S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Achievement in Filmmaking / Inequality for All
U. S. Documentary Special Jury award for Achievement in Filmmaking / American Promise
U. S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Acting / Miles Teller & Shailene Woodley, The Spectacular Now
U. S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Sound Design / Shane Carruth & Johnny Marshall, Upstream Color
World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award / Circles
World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Punk Spirit / Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer

Editing Award: U. S. Documentary / Gideon’s Army
Editing Award: World Cinema Documentary / The Summit

Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award: U.S. Dramatic / In A World…
Screenwriting Award: World Cinema Dramatic / Wajma (An Afghan Love Story)
Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize / Computer Chess

Short Film Grand Jury Prize / The Whistle
Short Film Jury Award: US Fiction / Whiplash
Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction / The Date
Short Film Jury Award: Non-fiction / Skinningrove
Short Film Jury Award: Animation / Irish Folk Furniture
Short Film Special Jury Award for Acting / Joel Nagle, Palimpsest
Short Film Special Jury Award / Kahlil Joseph, Until the Quiet Comes
Short Film Audience Award, Presented by YouTube / Catnip: Egress to Oblivion

Programming Team

John Cooper
Director, Sundance Film Festival

Trevor Groth
Director of Programming

David Courier
Senior Programmer

Shari Frilot
Senior Programmer, Curator of New Frontier

Caroline Libresco
Senior Programmer

John Nein
Senior Programmer

Charlie Reff

Kim Yutani

Shorts Programmers

Mike Plante
Shorts Programmer

Emily Doe
Shorts Programmer

Ernesto Foronda
Shorts Programmer

Jon Korn
Shorts Programmer

Katie Metcalf
Shorts Programmer

Lisa Ogdie
Shorts Programmer

Landon Zakheim
Shorts Programmer

Adam Montgomery
Senior Manager Programming Department
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