Juergen Schadeberg
Chronist Südafrikas


Juergen Schadeberg born in Berlin in 1931 belongs to a generation of photographers who started to document the political and cultural events of their time with a close look. Happy to have survived German fascism, he emigrated to South Africa in 1950, to a country which implemented perfect racial segregation under the Boers’  regime. As  Art Director, editor and photographer he contributed substantially to the creation and success of the lifestyle-magazine « Drum » from Blacks for Blacks. « Drum » was founded in 1951, which was the year in which Apartheid became fixed constitutionally. Schadeberg reported about cultural, social and political daily events as well as about fashion and music and local celebreties. He was the only White among the editorial staff, apart from editor Jim Bailey. The slogan of the magazine was « live quickly, die young and look good if you are dead »
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