Launch of Independence Ave Films and Premiere of The President (J.P. Bekolo)
on 15 April, 7pm. At the Warehouse Theatre. Entrance Free.


We are launching the first
Namibian film Agency/Distribution/Events company:
Independence Avenue Films.

With the screening of
The President (feature, Cameroon) and
The Projectionist (short film, Morocco)
on 15 April, 7pm. At the Warehouse Theatre.
Entrance Free.

Independence Avenue Films will focus on events/agency/distribution of film products in Namibia.
In order to introduce ourselves we are inviting all interested members of the Namibian film and arts industry, the wider public and cultural-interested people to the launch of Independence Avenue Films on 15 April, 7pm, Warehouse theatre (backstage venue).

Addressing the lack of a movie distribution and film agency company, Independence Avenue Films will serve as an institution to tackle the challenges faced by Namibian film products in terms of distribution, agency and marketing. We furthermore want to focus on film related events, as we believe in the need and possibility to establish a cinema culture in Namibia.
For us, independence avenue is an ongoing project. Independence was not gained in one day and should be a daily road we travel even today, in order to address social, political or economic challenges. Art is part and parcel of this daily process to reflect and comment on social challenges. Art, and here in particular film, can play a role to reflect and bring society forward. Hence the name Independence Avenue Films.
To celebrate the launch of this newly created entity, we present the Namibian Premiere of Jean-Pierre Bekolo’s honest and daring film « The President » (Cameroon/Germany, 2013, 63 min), and Najat Jellab’s short film « The Projectionist » (Morocco, 2013, 20 min).
Film must use its aesthetic and narrative potential to play a role in the African democratic process.

Contact details: [email protected]
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