Long Live the Queen


The year is 1953. We find ourselves at the home of Sir Richard Barrow in Karen on the outskirts of Nairobi. The Lord owns a prize winning horse called Long Live the Queen which is worth a fortune to the horse dealer Leslie Callaghan; Crispin Kamau has been ordered by Mau Mau revolutionaries to murder Barrow’s horse. The Cook Olando Otieno is caught in the middle. How will writer Jedida Oneko unfold the puzzle?

Join us at 7pm on  Saturday 21st March at Casual Bite to find out!


Long Live the Queen will be performed alongside the popular Miss Brown and a new performance in development by Chebet Beryl called  Berur.

We warmly invite you to join us for an evening of theatre and discussion, good food and conversation as part of Casual Bite’s regular series of Art Events.

(This performance has been moved from Thursday 19th to avoid a clash with Renaud Gautier’s production of Art at ISK.)
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