Ghetto Biennale 2015
4e edition


KREYÒL, VODOU and the LAKOU : forms of resistance

Artists start arriving from 27th Nov 2015; programming of screenings and performances from 14th – 20th Dec; the Ghetto Biennale exhibition 18th – 21st Dec; the Ghetto Biennale Congress 20th Dec 2015

Enquiries, applications & questions contact: Leah Gordon at [email protected]

The GHETTO BIENNALE : What happens when first world art rubs up against third world art? Does it bleed?

A Salon des Refusés for the 21st century

What happens when First World art rubs up against Third World art? Does it bleed? In December 2009 Atis Rezistans, the Sculptors of Grand Rue, hosted their first Ghetto Biennale. They invited fine artists, film-makers, academics, photographers, musicians, architects and writers, to come to the Grand Rue area of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, to make or witness work that was made or happened, in their neighbourhood. In the words of the writer John Keiffer, it was hoping to be a « ‘third space’…an event or moment created through a collaboration between artists from radically different backgrounds ».

Find more information about Atis-Rezistans visit www.atis-rezistans.com

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