AfricAvenir presents: « African Animation » – A Short Films Evening Curated by Ebele Okoye
At 8pm. In presence of the curator Ebele Okoye. Media Partner: Africiné Magazine


AfricAvenir präsentiert: AFRICAN ANIMATION in Anwesenheit der Kuratorin
14th december at 8pm African Animation: A short Films Evening in presence of the curator Ebele Okoye!

African Animation has undergone a remarkable change in the past decade. For a long time, there were hardly any images to be associated with Animations from and by African animators.

Despite having such legends like Moustapha Allasane whose first Animation films « Aoure and La Bague du roi Koda »date as far back as 1962. Fast forward to 2016, a lot has happened. A good number of independent animators have emerged with dieverse working styles. Under the curation of Ebele Okoye, who would be present, we have put together a few of these works as much as they can give an insight into this diversity of style, story telling and technical execution.

THE FILMS, 85 min.

„The Throne » | 14 minutes | Nigeria 2015 | Jibril Mailafia | English
In Africa it is common place for Leaders to want to clinch to power against laid down law and also against the will of the people, THE THRONE is one of such tales. A story of a Prince’s greed and desire to satisfy His thirst for power at the expense of His people.
« The Throne » has won many awards including a nomination in the Best animation category for the 2015 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) as well as the 2015 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA)

„The Legacy of Rubies » | 28 minutes | Nigeria / Germany 2015 | Ebele Okoye | English
Inspired by an African folk tale, the film tells the story of Mfalme, a young forest boy who is kidnapped and brought to a strange kindgdom with the claim that he is the blood son of the dying King. Against his will, and under the evil intrigues of Iyanla, the Queen, Mfalme has to carry our some difficult assignments in order to either take the throne or regain his freedom.
Prizes won include the 2015 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) Africa International Film Festival, Silicon Valley African film festival, Out of Africa International Film festivalamongst others.

„Imagine » | 01.36 minutes | Ghana 2016 | Comfort Arthur | English
On April 14th 2014 over 200 schoolgirls were abducted against their will in Nigeria. Imagine is a short animated spoken poem that poses several questions to the audience as to how they would feel if they their child was abducted.
« Imagine » has won best Animation at the 2016 Golden Movie Awards, Ghana.

„Edem Saved me » | 9 Minutes | Ghana 2016 | Zenock Amponsah
Two friends Edem and Kwesi were warriors to a King. Their friendship is threatened when Edem is accused of stealing from the King. His friend Kwesi risks embarking on a dangerous journey to seek an enchanted stone that ends up resolving the truth behind Edem’s accusation.

„Agorkoli » | 10 minutes | Ghana 2015 | Frances Brown (Francis Yushau Brown) | English
Agorkoli is a story that talks about the history of the migration saga of the Ewe people of Ghana who can be located at the Eastern part of the country. After misfortunes of the migration settlements, the Ewes had to move for a greener pasture. And by this move,They settled under Agorkoli, leader of the Notsies. For a while, they enjoyed a beautiful time of peace, until an unknown rumor which became a big dispute between the Notsies and Dogbos.
Agorkorli just won the best Animation prize at the 2016 Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF). In 2015, it was nominated for the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA)

« EXO_ The Legend of Wale Williams » | 8 minutes | Nigeria 2015 | Roye Okupe | English
Featured on CNN, FORBES, BBC and more, E.X.O. – The Legend of Wale Williams is a superhero animated short, set in a futuristic, 2025 Africa! The 8 minute animated short serves as a pilot episode for the hit graphic novel of the same name. The story follows the journey of Wale Williams (aka EXO), an impetuous young man who inherits a suit with super powers after his father goes missing. After a scary attack on the famous 3rd mainland bridge, EXO rushes to the scene to investigate. Only to find a group of menacing robots causing chaos and attacking innocent civilians. The animated short contains laughter, action, suspense, drama and much more!

„Lost Dreams » | 04:41 Minutes | Nigeria 2016 | Ayodele Elegba | English
Auwa a teenage victim of child trafficking is trapped,just like hundreds of thousands like her across Africa who are forced to abandon their dreams. She has no hope of rescue, she can’t run and can’t hide from her enslavers. How far can they go with this evil? How much longer will Auwa wait for a rescue? From where will this help come? Who is the next innocent girl to be trapped? Only God knows…

„ Black September in Kinshasa / Kinshasa, Septembre Noir » | 7 minutes | Democratic Republic of the Congo 1992 | Jean-Michel Kibushi | English
An animated documentary about children’s drawings from the military pillaging that hit their community in September 1991.

„Honayn’s Shoe » | 3 minutes | Egypt 2010 | Mohamed Ghazala | English
The black and white animation reminiscent of Lotte Reinigeris.
It won the animation prize at the 2010 African Movie Academy (AMAA)

Date: 14.12.2016, 20:00 – 23:00
Tickets: 7,50€; ermäßigt: Berlinpass, etc.; 030 283 46 03;

Hackesche Höfe Kino
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10178 Berlin

Curatrice : Ebele Okoye
Président d’AfricAvenir : Eric Van Grasdorff

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Partenaire médiatique : Africiné Magazine (Dakar)
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