Festival de San Sebastian – SSIFF 2017
65ème édition Festival Internacional de cine de Donostia-Zinemaldia San Sebastián


All the films of the 65 edition: 213 films

Official Selection

Opening Film (In competition)
Wim Wenders
Germany – France – Spain
Submergence is a love story that takes us into the extremely different worlds of our two protagonists, Danielle Flinders and James More. They meet by chance in a remote hotel in Normandy where they both prepare for a dangerous mission. They fall in love almost against their will, but soon recognize in each other the love of their lives.

Closing film out of competition
The Wife
Björn Runge
Sweden – UK
Behind any great man, there’s always a greater woman … and you’re about to meet her. It is crucial you get to know this woman – many of us already do and don’t even realise it. Joan Castleman: a highly intelligent and still-striking beauty – the perfect devoted wife. Forty years spent sacrificing her own talent, dreams and ambitions to fan the flames of her charismatic…

Anahí Berneri
Alanis works as a prostitute. She has a baby and, with her friend Gisela, shares the flat in which she lives and attends to her clients, until two municipal inspectors close down her home and arrest Gisela, accused of procurement. Let down by everybody, Alanis heads for her aunt’s place, across from the Plaza Miserere. From this mixed race and violent neighbourhood, Alanis stru…

Beyond Words
Urszula Antoniak
Poland – Netherlands
Michael and his boss and best friend Franz feel at home in Berlin’s hip restaurants, bars and clubs. There is seemingly no difference between them, but Michael, who emigrated from Poland after the death of his mother several years ago, still pays extra attention to his accent. Michael is thrown into turmoil when a run-down Polish bohemian shows up on his doorstep and claims to…

Der Hauptmann / The Captain
Robert Schwentke
Germany – France – Poland
In the last moments of World War II, a 19 year old private, ragged and starving, steals a captain’s uniform. Impersonating an officer he gathers a group of deserters and proceeds to kill and plunder his way through a beaten Nazi Germany. The Captain marks writer/director Robert Schwentke’s return to Germany.

El autor
Manuel Martín Cuenca
Spain – Mexico
Álvaro wants to be an author, but everything he puts down on paper rings false, pretentious and insipid. He works as a clerk at a notary’s office in Seville and his life is dull, only coloured by his dreams. His wife, Amanda, is quite the opposite. She’s always had her feet firmly on the ground and has never dreamt of becoming an author. However, she sets out to write and produ…

Aitor Arregi, Jon Garaño
Having fought in the First Carlist War, Martin returns to his family farm in Gipuzkoa only to find that his younger brother, Joaquín, towers over him in height. Convinced that everyone will want to pay to see the tallest man on Earth, the siblings set out on a long trip all over Europe, during which ambition, money and fame will forever change the family’s fate. A story based o…

La douleur / Memoir of Pain
Emmanuel Finkiel
When she finds two old notebooks in a forgotten box, Marguerite Duras remembers her past and the unbearable pain of waiting. In the 1944 Nazi-occupied France, the young and brilliant author is an active Resistance member with her husband Robert Antelme. When he is deported by the Gestapo, she throws herself into a desperate struggle to get him back. She develops a chilling rela…

Le lion est mort ce soir / The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Nobuhiro Suwa
France – Japan
South of France. Present day. Jean, an actor caught up in the past, learns that his current film shoot is unexpectedly suspended for an indefinite period. He takes this opportunity to visit an old friend and settles, clandestinely, into an abandoned house where it happened that Juliette, the great love of his life, once lived.

Le sens de la fête / C’est la vie!
Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano
For the happy couple this is the biggest night of their lives. But it’s just another of many for Max, from the catering company, Guy the photographer, James the singer, and everyone else working at the event. Pierre and Hélène have decided to celebrate their marriage in a beautiful 18th century castle on the outskirts of Paris.

Barbara Albert
Austria – Germany
Vienna, 1777. The blind 18-year-old’Wunderkind’ pianist Maria Theresia Paradis lost her eyesight overnight when she was three years old. After countless failed medical experiments, her parents take her to the estate of controversial’miracle doctor’ Franz Anton Mesmer, where she joins a group of outlandish patients. She enjoys the liberal household in a Rococo…

Life and Nothing More
Antonio Méndez Esparza
Spain – USA
On the edge of adulthood, Andrew yearns to find his purpose as a young African-American in today’s America. With his mother longing to find more to her life than parenting, Andrew is forced to take on the mounting pressure of family responsibility. His search for connection with an absent father, leads him to a dangerous crossroads.

Love Me Not
Alexandros Avranas
Greece – France
A couple hires a young migrant to be their surrogate mother and moves her to their beautiful villa. While the man is away for work, the woman and the girl start to bond and enjoy the couple’s wealthy way of life. But behind her forced cheerfulness, the woman seems more and more depressed. After a few drinks with the girl, she goes for a drive.

Ni juge, ni soumise / So Help Me God
Jean Libon, Yves Hinant
France – Belgium
The extraordinary, offbeat judge Anne Gruwez takes us behind the scenes of real life criminal investigations. For three years the satirical team behind the cult TV series Strip-Tease captured what no one had dared film before. Unapologetic and politically incorrect. You won’t believe your eyes. It’s not cinema: it’s worse!

Constantin Popescu
Romania – France
Cristina and Tudor Ionescu have founded a happy family with their two children, Maria and Ilie. He works for a phone company and she is an accountant. They are in their thirties and live in a nice apartment in a Romanian town. They live the life of an ordinary couple with their children. But one Sunday morning when Tudor takes his kids to the park, Maria disappears.

Soldaţii. Poveste din Ferentari / Soldiers. Story from Ferentari
Ivana Mladenovic
Romania – Serbia – Belgium
Adi, a young anthropologist recently left by his girlfriend, moves to Ferentari (the poorest neighborhood in Bucharest) to write a study on manele music (the pop music of the Roma community). While researching his subject, he meets Alberto, a Roma ex-convict who promises to help him. Soon, the two begin a romance in which Adi feeds Alberto improbable plans to escape…

Sollers Point
Matthew Porterfield
USA – France
On probation and living in his father’s house after a year of incarceration, 24-year-old Keith navigates his deeply stratified Baltimore neighborhood in search of work and something to give his life new meaning. Though the outside world provides its own share of threats, Keith’s greatest enemies are the demons he harbors within.

The Disaster Artist
James Franco
James Franco’s The Disaster Artist is the true story of the making of the film The Room, which has been called « the Citizen Kane of bad movies ». Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic has been screening to sold-out audiences nationwide for more than a decade. The Disaster Artist is a buddy comedy about two outsiders chasing a dream. When the world rejects them, they decide to make their…

Una especie de familia
Diego Lerman
Argentina – Brazil – Poland – France
Malena is a middle-class doctor in Buenos Aires. One afternoon she receives a call from Dr Costas, telling her she must leave immediately for the north of the country: the baby she was expecting is about to be born. Suddenly and almost without a thought, Malena decides to set out on an uncertain voyage, packed with crossroads at which she has to deal with all sorts of legal and…

La peste
Alberto Rodríguez
Not in competition
During an outbreak of the bubonic plague in the magnificent Seville of 1587, Mateo, a former soldier, returns, honouring his word to find and rescue a dead friend’s son from the city. Previously, Mateo had been forced to flee the city to save his life, having been sentenced to death by the Inquisition for printing forbidden books.

Sergio G. Sánchez
Not in competition
Jack and his three siblings struggle to survive at the rundown Marrowbone farm. Despite the blow of their mother’s early death, the four brothers have created in this remote and labyrinthine spot a refuge suited to their needs, safe from the outside world and with no adult help whatsoever. They stay together, observing their mother’s last wish; but the danger closing in around…

Au revoir là-haut / See You Up There
Albert Dupontel
Special Screenings
November 1919. Two survivors of the trenches set up a scam based on war memorials. One is a brilliant illustrator, the other an unassuming accountant. In the France of the Roaring Twenties, their operation becomes as dangerous as it is spectacular… Adaptation of Pierre Lemaitre’s novel The Big Swindle, winner of the Prix Goncourt.

Fernando Franco
Special Screenings
The lives of Luis and Marta are abruptly paralysed. Lies, guilt and fear put the couple’s stability and love to the test.

Uchiage hanabi, shita kara miruka? Yoko kara miruka? / Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?
Akiyuki Shinbo, Nobuyuki Takeuchi
Special Screenings
Summer break in a town by the sea. One day before a firework festival, classmates excitedly discuss whether fireworks are round or flat when they’re viewed from the side. Their classmate Nazuna, who Norimichi has a crush on, is lost in her own thoughts after learning that her mother, who is getting remarried, is making her transfer schools. Nazuna asks Norimichi to run away…

Wonders of the Sea 3D
Jean-Michel Cousteau, Jean-Jacques Mantello
UK – France
Special Screenings
Shot in 3D over three years in locations ranging from Fiji to the Bahamas, the film takes us underwater on a thrilling submarine voyage beneath the seas that cover 71% of our planet’s surface. Spectacular documentary produced and narrated by Arnold Schwarzenegger, mythical star of The Terminator and Total Recall.

New Directors
* Opening Night Film: Charmøren (The Charmer) / Milad Alami / Denmark
* A Fish Out of Water / Lai Kuo-An / Taiwan
* Alberto García-Alix. La línea de sombra / Nicolás Combarro / Spain
* Apostasy / Daniel Kokotajlo / UK
* Blue My Mind / Lisa Brühlmann / Switzerland
* Cargo / Gilles Coulier / Belgium – Netherlands – France
* He ri jun zai lai (From Where We’ve Fallen) / Wang Feifei / China
* Korparna (Ravens) / Jens Assur / Sweden
* Le prix du succès (The Price of Success) / Teddy Lussi-Modeste / France
* Le Semeur (The Sower) / Marine Francen / France
* Matar a Jesús / Laura Mora / Colombia – Argentina
* Pailalim (Underground) / Daniel Palacio / Filipinas
* Pok-ryuk-eui Ssi-at / The Seeds of Violence / Lim Tae-gue / South Korea
* Princesita / Marialy Rivas / Chile – Spain – Argentina / Films in Progress 28
* Tigre / Silvina Schnicer Schlieman, Ulises Porra Guardiola / Argentina
* Village Rockstars / Rima Das / India

Horizontes Latinos
* Opening Film (In competition): Una mujer fantástica / Sebastián Lelio / Chile- Germany – Spain – USA
* Al desierto / Ulises Rosell / Argentina – Chile
* Arábia (Araby) / Affonso Uchôa, João Dumans / Brazil
* Cocote / Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias / Dominican Republic – Argentina – Germany – Qatar
Alberto, an evangelical gardener, returns to his hometown for the funeral of his father, murdered by an influential man. To mourn the dead man, he is forced to participate in religious celebrations that go against both his will and his beliefs.
* La educación del Rey / Santiago Esteves / Argentina – Spain / Films in Progress 30
* La familia / Gustavo Rondón Córdova / Venezuela – Chile – Norway / Films in Progress 30
* La novia del desierto / Cecilia Atán, Valeria Pivato / Argentina – Chile / Films in Progress 31
* Las hijas de Abril / Michel Franco / Mexico
* Las olas / Adrián Biniez / Uruguay – Argentina / Films in Progress 30
* Los perros / Marcela Said / Chile – France / Films in Progress 31
* Medea / Alexandra Latishev / Costa Rica – Argentina – Chile / Films in Progress 30
* Temporada de caza / Natalia Garagiola / Argentina – Germany – France – USA – Qatar / Films in Progress 31

Zabaltegi – Tabakalera
Opening Night Film: The Square / Ruben Östlund / Sweden
12 jours / 12 Days / Raymond Depardon / France
3/4 / Ilian Metev / / Germany – Bulgaria
Braguino / Clément Cogitore / France
Calipatria / Gerhard Treml, Leo Calice / Austria / Ikusmira Berriak II
El sueño de Ana / José Luis Torres Leiva / Chile
Ex Libris – The New York Public Library / Frederick Wiseman / USA
Flores / Jorge Jácome / Portugal
Geu-hu / The Day After / Hong Sang-soo / South Korea
Gwendolyn Green / Tamyka Smith / USA / Ikusmira Berriak I
L’amant d’un jour / Lover For a Day / Philippe Garrel / France
La nuit où j’ai nagé (Oyogisugita Yoru / The Night I Swam) / Damien Manivel, Kohei Igarashi
/ France – Japan
Muchos Hijos, un Mono y un Castillo / Gustavo Salmerón / Spain
No intenso agora (In the Intense Now) / João Moreira Salles / Brazil
Plágan (Plague) / Koldo Almandoz / Spain
Plus Ultra / Samuel M. Delgado, Helena Girón / Spain
Saura(s) / Félix Viscarret / Spain
Soldado / Manuel Abramovich / Argentina
* Spell Reel / Filipa César / France
In 2011, an archive of film and audio material re-emerged in Bissau. On the verge of complete ruination, the footage testifies to the birth of Guinean cinema as part of the decolonising vision of Amí­lcar Cabral, the liberation leader assassinated in 1973. In collaboration with the Guinean filmmakers Sana na N’Hada and Flora Gomes, and many allies, Filipa César imagines a j…
Sram (Shame) / Petar Krumov / Bulgaria
Tesnota (Closeness) / Kantemir Balagov / Russia
Vergüenza / Juan Cavestany, Álvaro Fernández Armero / Spain

Jaegger Lecoutre Award Special Screening
10 Items or Less / Brad Silberling / USA / starring Morgan Freeman
An actor preparing for an upcoming role meets a quirky grocery clerk and the pair hit the road to show one another their respective worlds.

Toivon tuolla puolen / The Other Side of Hope
Aki Kaurismäki
Finland – Germany
Helsinki. Khaled, a young Syrian immigrant, arrives as a stowaway on a coal ship from Poland. Meanwhile, a nondescript salesman going by the name of Wikström decides to end his marriage, change his occupation and open a restaurant with only a very few customers. When their paths cross, Wikström offers Khaled a roof, food and a job.

Opening Night Film: Call Me by Your Name / Luca Guadagnino / Italy – France
Closing Night Film: Loving Pablo / Fernando León de Aranoa / Spain – Bulgaria
120 battements par minute (120 BPM) / 120 Beats per Minute / Robin Campillo / France
Borg/McEnroe / Janus Metz / Sweden – Denmark – Finland
Happy End / Michael Haneke / France – Austria – Germany
Jusqu’à la garde (Custody) / Xavier Legrand / France
La Villa (The House by The Sea) / Robert Guédiguian / France
Mother! / Darren Aronofsky / USA
Nelyubov (Loveless) / Andrey Zvyagintsev / Russia – France – Belgium – Germany
Sandome no satsujin (The Third Murder) / Hirokazu Koreeda / Japan
Teströl és lélekröl (On Body and Soul) / Ildikó Enyedi / Hungary
The Big Sick / Michael Showalter / USA
The Florida Project / Sean Baker / USA
The Leisure Seeker / Paolo Virzì / Italy
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri / Martin McDonagh / UK
Wonderstruck / Todd Haynes / USA
You Were Never Really Here / Lynne Ramsay / USA – France

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