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MOYEN Métrage | 2009
Have you heard from Johannesburg? [1/7]: Road To Resistance
Titre original : Have you heard from Johannesburg: Road To Resistance
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Durée : 58 minutes
Genre : politique
Type : documentaire


En 1948, l’Afrique du Sud institue l’apartheid, un systéme de ségrégation qui régente chaque aspect de la vie. Le massacre de Sharpeville choque le monde et Nelson Mandela ainsi que d’autres leaders de l’African National Congress (ANC) sont emprisonnés. Des centaines fuient à l’étranger et vont en exil.

La dramatique histoire de la manière dont la lutte anti-apartheid a grandi au sein d’une poignée d’exilés d’Afrique du Sud dans les années 60.

Histoire Une : Road To Resistance [1948 – 1964], (58 mins)

de Connie Field, Usa, 2009

Liste des sept (7) films qui composent la série :

Histoire Une : Road To Resistance [1948 – 1964], (58 mins)

Histoire Deux : Hell Of A Job [1960 – 1977], (58 mins)

Histoire Trois : The New Generation [1960 – 1977], (58 mins)

Histoire Quatre : Fair Play [1958 – 1981], (90 mins)

Histoire Cinq : From Selma To Soweto [1977 – 1986], (89 mins)

Histoire Six : The Bottom Line [1965 – 1988], (86 mins)

Histoire Sept : Free At Last [1979 – 1990], (75 mins)

Réalisatrice / Productrice :
Connie Field, USA, 2009, documentaire.

Anglais, Vidéo, 1h36 min

Durée Totale de la série : 5h50

Chaque histoire peut être regardé de manière indépendante sans que cela gêne la compréhension

Mots clés :
Mouvement anti-apartheid movement apartheid South Africa social justice human rights racisme documentary Oliver Tambo Nelson Mandela history histoire droits de l’homme droits humains


Have you heard from Johannesburg? [Story One]: Road To Resistance [1948 – 1964]
In 1948, South Africa institutes apartheid, a system of segregation that infiltrates every aspect of life. The Sharpeville Massacre shocks the world, and Nelson Mandela and other leaders of the African National Congress (ANC) are jailed. Hundreds escape into exile.

The dramatic tale of how the anti-apartheid struggle grew from a handful of South African exiles in the ‘60s into a global movement.

by Connie Field, Usa, 2009

Featuring (seven films) :

Story One: Road To Resistance [1948 – 1964], (58 mins)

Story Two: Hell Of A Job [1960 – 1977], (58 mins)

Story Three: The New Generation [1960 – 1977], (58 mins)

Story Four: Fair Play [1958 – 1981], (90 mins)

Story Five: From Selma To Soweto [1977 – 1986], (89 mins)

Story Six: The Bottom Line [1965 – 1988], (86 mins)

Story Seven: Free At Last [1979 – 1990], (75 mins)

HAVE YOU HEARD FROM JOHANNESBURG is a powerful seven-part documentary series by two-time Academy Award nominee Connie Field that shines light on the global citizens movements that took on South Africa’s apartheid regime. It reveals how everyday people helped challenge and end one of the greatest injustices the world has ever known.
HAVE YOU HEARD FROM JOHANNESBURG begins with the story of freedom fighters in South Africa who are systemically killed, jailed or exiled for resisting their political oppression. Embattled South Africans call on the global community to take action, laying the groundwork for a decades-long international campaign. People around the world take up the anti-apartheid cause, challenging their governments, powerful corporations and other institutions to face up to the immorality of their collaboration with apartheid. HAVE YOU HEARD FROM JOHANNESBURG follows three generations of the struggle inside South Africa and battles waged in sports arenas and cathedrals, in embassies and corporate boardrooms, at rock concerts and in gas stations around the globe. Pulling together the many threads of international anti-apartheid action for the first time in any medium, HAVE YOU HEARD FROM JOHANNESBURG is an inspiring example for citizens and movements around the world.

One of the greatest weapons in the struggle against apartheid was the international sports boycott. Featuring a youthful Dennis Brutus at his brilliant best, Sam Ramsamy, Peter Hain, sports personalities and administrators, this meticulously researched documentary, with rare footage and revealing back story, unpacks the process of how the boycott took shape and effect. Step by difficult step, a dedicated and growing group of activists orchestrated the isolation of South Africa from the sports arenas, culminating in South Africa’s exclusion first from the Olympics, and then, finally, where it hurt most, from international rugby.

Producer/Director: CONNIE FIELD

Principal Cinematography: TOM HURWITZ


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Tags :
anti-apartheid movement apartheid South Africa social justice human rights racism documentary Oliver Tambo Nelson Mandela history

Associate Producer
Sage Brucia

Series Editor
Gregory Scharpen

Produced & Directed by
Connie Field

Ken Schneider
Dawn Logsdon

Contributing Editors
Michael Chandler
Jean-Philippe Boucicaut

Jon Else
Connie Field
Gregory Scharpen

Marco D’Ambrosio

Associate Producer
Carla Healy-London

Mmaboshadi M. Chauke

Principal Cinematography
Tom Hurwitz
David Forbes

Joan Churchill
Ian Watts
Nancy Schrieber

Troy Matthews
Dave Williams
Paul Bateman
Harold Jalvin
Fokke Saane
Tony Bensusan
Will Sternberg

Production Coordinators
Diana Hyslop
Ingrid Gavshon
Mariet Bakker
Maarten Rens
Moza Cooper

Trevor Venter
Peter Ledwaba
Ned Hallick
Keith Rodgerson
Stefan Bijnen
Mark Huisman
Christian Magis

Gail Behrmann
Denis Herbstein
James Saunders
Mariet Bakker
Nhlanhla Mthethwa
Rogier Smeele
Richard Hengeveld

Archival Research and Rights
Lynn Adler
Sage Brucia

Post Production Sound
James LeBrecht

Post Production Facility
Berkeley Sound Artists

On-Line Editors
Ed Rudolph
Loren Sorensen
Jim McSilver

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Last Grave at Zimbaza directed by Nana Mahomo

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