Fiche Film
Not My Will
Pays concerné : Cameroun
Genre : musical
Type : fiction


Not My Will (Contre ma volonté) dépeint les périls auxquels font face les jeunes, surtout dans le monde universitaire.

Réalisateur, Scénariste, Producteur : Wegmuller Ikome (ou Wegmuller Efokoa)


Not My Will is a movie which depicts the perils faced by youths, especially in university environments. At the beginning of the movie, the main protagonist, Nalo, is distressed by a very disturbing dream which plunges her into the hands of Simon, a ‘successful’ scammer who dazzles her with his ill-gotten riches and flashy lifestyle. Unable to resist, she is dragged into a world of ostentatious living without knowing the source of these riches. This causes her relationship with her boyfriend, Weg to undergo some strain. When she finally finds out the source of his money, she is appalled and she humiliates him publicly. Simon is infuriated and is determined to get his dignity restored at the expense of Nalo.

Fate finally catches up with Simon, and he gets to pay back for all the pain he has caused others by reaping where he did not sow. The lesson – « you better be careful how you live, someday you go die! »

Not My Will is also a musical thriller with performances by a great variety of artists in a live musical concert. Painting, another aspect of art which is often under looked in our society is also brought out in the movie through Weg whose father and mother did not like to see him draw and watch any musical channel. He however, finally became a very talented young man.

The Cast
Eka Christa (Nola), Main Actress (First movie project)
Mbom Constantine, Main Actor (First movie project)
Ayuk Achem Stephen
Sylvia Esono (First movie project)
Achalle Denis (First movie project)
Belle Asong (First movie project)
Chike Dunkwu
Fontech Collins (First movie project)

The Crew

Wegmuller Ikome (as Wegmuller Efokoa)
Director, Producer, Story

Chike Dunkwu

Njunkeng George
Director of Photogrphy

Henry Muluh
Script Supervisor

Benyella Njeko
Graphics Special Effects

G. Stanley Miki