Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 2010
Julianise: Enslaved Girl of Haiti
Koji Yamaguchi
Pays concerné : Japon
Réalisateur(s) : Koji Yamaguchi
Durée : 49
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Production : NHK – Japan Broadcasting Corporation / Japon

Versions :
49 minutes / japonais (s.t. anglais)
Date production : 01/2010

Réal : Koji Yamaguchi
Eiji Murata : Executive Producer
Shinbi Suzuki : Executive Producer
Tetsuo Maki : Executive Producer


The rubble still lies on the streets of Haiti which was hit by the 2010 earthquake. Children known as « restavecs » have been sent to foster homes by the impoverished parents. This program reveals the harsh reality that these children suffer by focusing on the plight of a 13-year-old restavec.

Director : Koji Yamaguchi
Executive Producers : Eiji Murata, Shinbi Suzuki, Tetsuo Maki

NHK – Japan Broadcasting Corporation :
NHK is Japan’s sole public broadcaster. Funded entirely by receiving fees from each Japanese household, it has a reputation for impartial, high-quality programming in documentaries and other genre.