Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 2010
State of mind
Pays concerné : République démocratique du Congo
Durée : 52 minutes
Genre : société
Type : documentaire


Est-ce possible pour un pays choqué par la légitimation de 5 millions de morts de progresser avec succès ? C’est l’épineuse question de ce puissant documentaire congolais sur l’intervention du programme GTZ, institution allemande dans un Congo Démocratique luttant pour libérer son âme du désespoir.

Réalisateur : Djo Tunda Wa MUNGA – Congo RDC
Images/Pictures : Guy Tillim, Rolf Wessel
Son/Sound : Clemens Becker
Montage/Editing : Ronelle Loots, Ashika Bracher, Charlie Brittz
Musique/Music: Congopunk « Whirl & Sweat »
Durée/Length : 52min


Is it possible for a country choked by the legacy of five million deaths to successfully move on?. That is the underlying question in Congolese documentary filmmaker Djo Munga’s powerful film about the intervention by the German initiative Program GTZ in a country fighting to cleanse its soul of decades of despair.

a layered, engrossing and intriguing look at a national collective trauma and the ambitious initiative to try and heal its wounds. In war-torn countries, people will not be able to lead productive lives and reconstruction will fail until they have overcome their trauma. In the Democractic Republic of the Congo, a country where over five million people have been killed in wars in recent history, can one develop new ways to deal with this massive trauma and open doors to development? DRC filmmaker Djo Tunda Wa Munga sensitively follows an intriguing psychological experiment that might enable millions of people to overcome their trauma.

Djo Tunda Wa MUNGA · Democratic Republic of the Congo/South Africa, 2010 · 52m · DV CAM · French, Swahili and Lingala with English Subtitles · Documentary
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