Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 1978
Magicien d’Oz (Le) | Wiz (The)
Pays concerné : États-Unis
Durée : 134 minutes
Genre : fantastique
Type : fiction


Sidney Lumet, USA, 1978, 2h14m.

Lena Horne : Glenda
Michael Jackson : Scarecrow
Diana Ross : Dorothy


Starring the beloved late Lena Horne as Glenda the Good Witch, the late Michael Jackson as Scarecrow, and the talented Diana Ross as Dorothy, THE WIZ is a 1970s urban adaptation of THE WIZARD OF OZ. This film version of the Tony award winning Broadway sensation will have you up out of your sit, ready to « Ease on Down the Road »

Sidney Lumet, USA, 1978, 134m.
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