Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2010
Rabbaba Man
Titre original : Rabbaba Man (The)
Pays concerné : Soudan
Durée : 17 minutes
Genre : musical
Type : documentaire


Pour l’artiste et artisan Mohamed « Haraka » chanter les chansons traditionelles sur les marchés des banlieues est plus qu’une profession. Il vend en outre ses Rabbabas (instruments traditionels à cordes) colorés.

2010, Soudan, Documentaire, 15 min, Arabe sous-titré

Réal : Mario Mabor


« For the artist and craftsman Mohamed « Haraka » singing traditional songs on the markets of the suburbs is more than a profession. His performances play an essential role within the social life of his neighbourhood. »

In the outskirts of Ombadda in the western part of the city of Omdurman lives the artist and craftsman Mohamed Modier – or – Mohamed « Haraka » as he would like to be called. For over twenty years the people of this impoverished and overpopulated neighborhood watch him moving on his bicycle on his way to the local markets, where he is performing songs from all over Sudan on request of his customers – and – selling his colorful Rabbabas (traditional string instruments). Mohamed is a rich character full of sentiment and talent. His songs will helped him to survive even in the worst of situations.

Rabbabas are traditional stringed instruments. The rabbabaman makes them and goes around selling them. A much-loved figure who keeps the old songs alive.

Light-hearted documentary portrait of Mohamed’Haraka’. Everyone in his neighbourhood Ombadda in Omdurman knows’the rabbabaman’. He cycles around with his bike and his instruments, selling his rabbabas and singing traditional songs. A guardian of his culture. No wonder everyone loves him.

Sudan, 2010

Dir: Mario Mabor (Mario Mabor Dhalbny)
Year: 2010
Duration: Documentary, 15 min
Arabic – Subtitles: English

Scenario: Mario Mabor
Photography: Kasim Abid
Editor: Sogoud Elgarrai, Mohamed Subahi
Production design: Hassan Matar
Sound design: Issraa Elkogali, Ayman Hussein
Music : Mohamed Siddig
Length: 17′ (IFFR 2013) / 15mins (Tri Continental FilmFest 2012)
Film format: DCP

Producers: Goethe-Institut Sudan, Sudan Film Factory
Sales: Mario Mabor Dhalbny
Print source: Mario Mabor Dhalbny

2013 | 42nd IFFR – Festival International du Fllm de Rotterdam
* Selection – Spectrum Shorts
* International premiere

2012 | 10th Tri Continental FilmFest, South Africa
* Selection – Sudanese Short Films from Goethe-Institut
schedule: Mon 10 Sept – 18:00 / Maponya Sterkinekor – Soweto
schedule: Sat 15 Sept – 18:00 / Rosebank Mall Nouveau – Johannesburg



The Rabbaba Man folgt dem Künstler und Handwerker Mohamed Modier, wie er auf seinem Fahrrad durch den überbevölkerten Stadtteil Ombadda in Khartum fährt und Lieder aus ganz Sudan singt.

von Mario Mabor (Sudan 2010, 15 Min., Dok)

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