Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 2012
Stadium Hotel
Pays concerné : Royaume-Uni
Durée : 38 minutes
Genre : historique
Type : documentaire


Réalisateurs : F. Bazalgette, T. Gardner, J. Hughes & M. Millington
Royaume uni, 2012, 38 min (Documentaire)


Lagos, Nigeria, 1960. Highlife, a West African musical form which had been developing since the early twentieth century, was at its peak. In the years that followed Independence, a young generation of musicians played in clubs across Lagos, releasing a steady stream of records which mixed Highlife with new influences from around the world. By the end of the following decade, a devastating civil war coupled with the impact of successive military coups had dealt a heavy blow to the music industry which these artists had helped build. Drawing upon the memories of these pioneering musicians, and the words of those who have lived and worked around them, this film tells the story of their heyday, and reflects upon its legacy in the city in which they played.

Dirs. F Bazalgette, T Gardner, J Hughes and M Millington
UK, 2012, 38 min (Documentary)
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