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LONG Métrage | 2011
Welcome To Pine Hill
Pays concerné : États-Unis
Durée : 80 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Entre fiction et documentaire, WELCOME TO PINE HILL (« Bienvenue à Pine Hill) suit Shannon, un trafiquant de drogue depuis peu en réinsertion qui est désormais travailleur social. Il essaie de faire face à son passé afin de trouver la paix et la liberté intérieur dans les murs de New York City.

Un film de Keith Miller

2012, Etats-Unis, Drame, 1h20

Premier Long métrage Fiction


A unique story of friendship, race, and self-discovery, WELCOME TO PINE HILL was born out of a chance encounter between filmmaker Keith Miller and star Shannon Harper, who found themselves arguing over a lost dog one night in Brooklyn.

Straddling the worlds of fact and fiction, documentary and narrative, WELCOME TO PINE HILL follows Shannon, a recently reformed drug dealer, now working as a claims adjuster by day and bouncer by night. When Shannon receives earth-shattering news, he is compelled to make peace with his past and search for freedom beyond the concrete jungle of New York City. Featuring an extraordinarily intimate performance by Harper playing himself, he is supported by an eclectic cast of both emerging talent and real people. Traveling from the backyards of Brooklyn crack houses to the lush Catskill Mountains, the film is a meditative journey about how we choose to live our lives.

In collaboration with the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective, of which director Keith Miller is a part, WELCOME TO PINE HILL is a 2011 Independent Filmmaker Lab participant and Miller’s debut feature. The cast includes Shannon Harper, Jaiden Kaine, and Mary Meyers. The film is produced by Elisabeth Holm. Cinematography is by Alex Mallis, Lily Henderson, and Begonia Colomar, with editing by Keith Miller.

A film by Keith Miller

2012, USA, Drama, 1h30mins

Director: Keith Miller
Producer: Elisabeth Holm
Editor: Keith Miller
Screenwriter: Keith Miller
Cinematographer: Alex Ramírez-Mallis, Lily Henderson, Begonia Colomar
Music: Michael Rosen

Principal Cast: Shannon Harper, Ernest Bastien, Brian Ketover

Filmography: Debut Feature Film

My films take accidental encounters, intuitive leaps, and heightened realities to interrogate conditions of the real world. I work to make this happen by creating openings for reality to bleed into the story, in both the process and the final movie. The inevitable challenge is that the real world is messy, troubling and, in the deepest sense, beautiful. It is my hope that WELCOME TO PINE HILL has some of all three, offering moments of transformation for those participating in the film, whether cast, crew, or audience.

In the middle of the real-life event that is now the opening scene of PINE HILL, I realized that this experience was a challenge for both of us. Over the course of our long conversation regarding our dog, we both consciously and unconsciously worked through issues of race, class, and above all, our love of this puppy. That respect has only grown as we have continued to work together, and watching him work has given rise to a great admiration for his ability as an actor and as a friend.

PINE HILL blurs reality and fiction and questions that very opposition. Some events in the film are taken directly from life. Others take real situations and transform them. Still others are completely invented. I have tried to disregard the often-rigid line between fiction and fact to make a story that is as real as it is urgent. I believe this is a film that incites dialogue and refuses clichés of class and race often depicted on screen. I hope WELCOME TO PINE HILL might bring a little more empathy into our world, just as it did between Shannon and me.

Keith Miller
© 2011 esopus creek pictures, LLC

Shannon > Shannon Harper
Dealer Friend > Ernest Bastien
Doctor > Brian Ketover
Brooklyn Bartender > Lily Jayne
Brooklyn Barback > B.J. Rubin
Mother > Mary Meyers
Old Faithful > David Williams
Jay > Jaiden Kaine
Fulton > Mark Anthony Hackett
JR > Junior Adolphe
Loan Shark > Jay Williams
Hiker in Bar > Mark « Commissioner Gordon » Read

Country: USA
Year: 2012
Running time: 80 Minutes
Genres: Drama, Give Me Drama!
Language: English

Shannon Harper is a recently reformed drug dealer who spends his days sorting out other people’s problems in New York City as an insurance claims adjuster by day and a bouncer at night. After receiving a medical diagnosis that upends his world, Shannon begins to re-examine his past while simultaneously preparing for an uncertain future that takes him from the mean streets of Brooklyn to the verdant slopes of the Catskills Mountains.

As the film opens, we’re introduced to Shannon (playing himself in his professional acting debut) as he disputes the ownership of a dog with a virtual stranger on a deserted street. Utilizing an effective blend of verité filmmaking and improvisation, first-time feature director Keith Miller creates a heightened sense of realism, blurring the line between fact and fiction and drawing the audience deeper into Shannon’s emotionally charged world.

Welcome To Pine Hill is a quietly powerful statement about reconciliation and self-discovery, heralding the emergence of a vital new voice in American independent cinema.

2012 | Seattle International Film Festival – SIFF 2012
* Winner, FIPRESCI Prize for Best New American Film SIFF 2012
* Screening: Friday June 15, 2012 / 4:30 PM / SIFF Cinema Uptown

Slamdance (Best Film),
Atlanta (Grand Jury Prize),
Sarasota (Special Jury Prize)
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