Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2012
Pays concerné : Tanzanie
Support : Vidéo Numérique
Durée : 95 minutes
Type : fiction


Zamora est un voyageur. ZAMORA est bien plus qu’une histoire d’amour swahilie… C’est l’évolution des désirs cachés d’un homme et sa quête pour découvrir le vrai amour.

Tanzanie, 2011, Fiction, 1h35

Réalisateur :Shams Bhanji
Scénario : Michiel Van Oosterhout
Images : Cyril Ducottet

Richard Bezuidenhout (Vainqueur de l’émission de téléréalité « Big Brother Africa »),
Richa Adhia (Miss Tanzanie2007),
Renalda Arbogast (danceur contemporain)
et Habiba Mwinyi (actrice en pleine croissance).

Costumes et décors : Faroque Abdalla

Musique originale : Matona Mohamed, Mahfudh Ali Mahfudh, Rajab Suleman et Bi Kidude

Produit par Javed Jafferji (ZG Films)


Zamora is a traveler. ZAMORA is much more than a swahili love story… it is an evolution of one man’s hidden desires, and his quest to find true love. Filmed against a backdrop of mystical and mythological world of Zanzibar, the story revolves around Zamora, a vain artist/womaniser on a voyage of self discovery.

Filled with romantic connotations about the spice island, he meets a beautiful Omani woman who mesmerises and inspires him to buy a dhow to have a comfortable life in ‘Paradise’. Zamora’s passion for the unknown, a reckless adventurous lifestyle and a sordid past lands him in nightmarish situations. Through three separate emotionally charged relationships, (Zulfa, Saada and Zareena) he almost becomes a victim of the confrontation between the good and the evil.

Zulfa stands for innocent love spiced with traditional restrictions. Saada stands for the mystical, magical and unconditioned side to the African psyche. Zareena stands for power and obsession and its immoral implications.

The film explores the adoptive nature of the African spirit with all its consequent pro’s and con’s.

Shams Bhanji (Director), Cyril Ducottet (Cinematographer) and Michiel Van Oosterhout (Screenplay) have worked as a team for the last five years and come from a background of various acclaimed short films from Uganda. Zamora is their first independent feature.

The film boasts a star studded Tanzanian cast…….
Richard Bezuidenhout (Big Brother Africa winner),
Richa Adhia (Miss Tanzania 2007),
Renalda Arbogast (A leading contemporary dancer)
and Habiba Mwinyi (A talented upcoming Zanzibari actress).

Inspirational costumes and set design by the world renowned fashion guru Faroque Abdalla and an original music score by well known Zanzibari musical icons… Matona Mohamed, Mahfudh Ali Mahfudh, Rajab Suleman and Bi Kidude… Zamora is a showcase of the best creative talent that Tanzania has to offer.

Produced by Javed Jafferji (ZG Films) a world renowned Zanzibari photographer.

ZG Films
Javed Jafferji, Managing Director
Tel: +255774 411129/ +255784 329718
P O Box 3181, Zanzibar
Tel 02232244

2013 | 23rd Fespaco – Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso | from February 23 – March 2.
* Best Digital Fiction Feature

2012 | ZIFF – Zanzibar International Film Festival.
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