Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2012
Pays concerné : Royaume-Uni
Durée : 17 minutes
Genre : science fiction
Type : fiction


Quand deux jeunes hommes photographient un poisson géant, leur petite ville devient une attraction touristisque, ce qui ne fait pas le bonheur de tout le monde. Jonah veut tuer le poisson afin que la paix revienne.

Court-métrage science fiction

Réalisé par Kibwe Tavares

2012, 17 minutes, couleur, Tanzanie/Royaume-Uni

Daniel Kaluuya
Malachi Kirby
et Louis Mahoney

Production : Factory Fifteen

2013 | Festival Sundance
* Sélection – Shorts Competition

JONAH from Factory Fifteen on Vimeo.


When two young men photograph a gigantic fish leaping from the sea, their small town becomes a tourist attraction in this story about the old and the new.

A film by Kibwe Tavares

2012, Short, 17 minutes, color, Tanzania/United Kingdom

BFI, Film4 and Shine Pictures Present


Mbwana and his best friend Juma are two young men with big dreams. These dreams become reality when they photograph a gigantic fish leaping out of the sea and their small town blossoms into a tourist hot-spot as a result. But for Mbwana, the reality isn’t what he dreamed – and when he meets the fish again, both of them forgotten, ruined and old, he decides only one of them can survive. Jonah is a big fish story about the old and the new, and the links and the distances between them. A visual feast, shot though with humour and warmth, it tells an old story in a completely new way.

A Stray Bear Production in association with Jellyfish Pictures

From the imagination of Factory Fifteen

Directed by Kibwe Tavares
Written by Jack Thorne
Produced by Ivana MacKinnon

Daniel Kaluuya
Malachi Kirby
and Louis Mahoney

Jonah Trailer from Factory Fifteen on Vimeo.

Executive Producers – Katherine Butler, Ollie Madden, Chris Collins, Phil Dobree, Eva Yates

Co-Producer – Fiz Oliver
Line Producer – Sarah Jane Wheale
Editor – Adam Biskupsi
Cinematographer – Chloe Thomson
Production Designer: Paul Nicholls and Jonathan Gales
Fish Concept Art – Warren Holder
Composer – Mark Sayfritz
Sound Recordist – Will Whale
Costume Designer- Celia Lusted
Casting Directors – Aisha Waters, Saheem Baig

Ivana MacKinnon
Stray Bear Productions
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