Fiche Film
Elue (L’)
Pays concerné : Ghana
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Nana Banyiwa Horne (NBH) est une Professeur d’Université qui vit aux Etats-Unis. Elle retourne dans son pays natal, le Ghana,pour des recherches sur la transmission des pratiques culturelles dans les romans ghanéens. Son passé la rattrape : elle sera couronnée Reine.

Réalisateur : Jean-Marie Teno

Cameroun, 2013, doc, long métrage documentaire

Prod / Dist : Raphia Films

L’Élue est un long-métrage documentaire, tourné en HD au Ghana pour une diffusion au cinéma, à la télévision et sur Internet (dans des versions plus courtes). Le film est destiné à un public s’intéressant aux questions d’identité dans un monde globalisé, aux questions de pouvoir et à la situation sociopolitique en Afrique aujourd’hui.


A feature length documentary based on the story of Nana Banyiwa Horne (NBH). A Professor in the United States, she returned to her homeland, Ghana, to carry out research into the transmission of cultural practices in the novel. There, the distant past caught up with her and she ended up enstooled as a Queen Mother.
Shot on HD video in Ghana with versions for theatrical release and for broadcast on television and the internet, the film will be of interest to audiences concerned with issues of power, identity in the global era and the socio-political situation in Africa today. The film will draw an analogy between NBH’s exceptional journey and that of Kwame Nkrumah, the father of Ghanaian independence, to question the ambivalence of power: its fascination and its corruption. Nkrumah’s rise and fall and later rehabilitation will echo NBH’s own journey to power. A journey she chooses to make irrespective of certain friends’ and relatives’ words of warning and despite the conflict between her individual freedom and the necessity of abiding to the collective norms imposed on her by her new position. The mirroring of the two stories will serve to illustrate the numerous tensions that continue to exist between African cultures, the revealed religions and the global world in which Africans are seeking to find their place today.

directed by Jean-Marie Teno

Cameroon, 2013, doc