Fiche Film
Cinéma/TV Histoire/société
LONG Métrage | 2005
Hommes sur le bord
Pays concerné : Territoire palestinien
Durée : 90 minutes
Genre : société
Type : documentaire


À la frontière entre Gaza et Israël, des pêcheurs palestiniens et israéliens. Des hommes durs et francs, sans inhibition qui sortent en pleine mer des nuits durant sur de petites embarcations, puis rentrent se réchauffer à terre au coin du feu. Le film documente la vie de ces hommes d’horizons différents, unis grâce au travail en commun face à la menace des forces de la nature : un voyage à l’intérieur de l’âme masculine.


Men on the edge
On the borderline between Gaza and Israel lies an isolated and abandoned beach where Israeli and Palestinians fishermen lived and fished together.The Palestinians were teaching the Israelis their antique fishing experience, transmitted from one generation to the other. Without the presence of the Israelis, the Palestinians wouldn’t have been allowed to fish in the Israeli waters. The film documents the life of a mixed group of men from different cultures unified and close because of their hard work facing the threatening of the nature forces, like in the army, where the death threatening traps soldiers and makes them discover intimacy without them being scared of it because they are men, because they are fighters, because something bigger than them exists. They feel a real attraction to each other caused by the physical contacts and proximity, but at the same time, they have the desire to be released from each other; to hurt each other, to excel, to win and to conquer, to be alone so they can feel their own strength.

Erotic masculine relationship of strength and domination: who caught the more fishes? Who has the strength to resist this hard work? Who earns the most? Who controls the herd? Who rules and who follows?

We observe these men as we would be in an inner journey into the masculine soul which is tested and exposed everyday anew.

In that small and closed place, we discover the impulsivity of the masculine soul, its heartlessness, its conquest desire, and also its need of warmth and love; it becomes nude and exposed through the life tests it encounters on this isolated beach with fishermen from two enemy people.
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