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COURT Métrage | 2014
Way you love (The)
Lydia Darly
Pays concerné : États-Unis
Réalisateur(s) : Lydia Darly
Durée : 10
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


THE WAY YOU LOVE (« La manière dont tu aimes », en anglais) traite de l’amour inconditionnel et du pardon. Il faut beaucoup de courage pour aimer et pardonner l’autre. Mais cela peut conduire à la rédemption et à l’ultime liberté. Sarah doit pardonner sa mère, son père et sa marraine et trouver le courage de vivre librement sa vie. Marie doit, quant à elle, lâcher prise de son passé et se pardonner pour se risquer à aimer de nouveau.

Réalisatrice : Lydia Darly




10′ min.

Anglais avec s-t anglais

Karine Plantadit, Adeline Michèle

2015 | 12ème Festival International du Film PanAfricain de Cannes – FIFP 2015, France
* Sélection
* Projection / Screening: Jeudi 30 avril – 21h00 / Thurday, April 30 – 9pm – Auditorium Californie – Novotel Cannes Montfleury

Projection : Sep 27, 2014 – 13:00, Ancien Cinéma ONF / Former NFB Cinema


THE WAY YOU LOVE is a confrontation between two strong women with opposing views on relationships and love with a generation gap that further divides them.The dialogue subtly unfurls in a Beauty Salon during the course of a haircut. Marie, owner of the Beauty Salon is guarded, cynical and distrustful of love and men. Seemingly over- protective of the youthful Sarah, who is impetuous, slightly rebellious, but fragile, and about to embark on a relationship with a man that Marie is skeptical about. The Way you love is about unconditional Love and forgiveness of the past in order to be free. It takes tremendous courage to love and forgive another. But doing so could lead to redemption and ultimate freedom. Sarah needs to forgive her mother, father and godmother in order to find the courage to live her life freely. Marie needs to let go of her past and forgive herself in order to risk to love again.

USA, 2014, NARRATIVE SHORT, 10 mins

Lydia Darly




10′ min
English with English subtitles

Karine Plantadit, Adeline Michèle

Director’s Statement

The Way You Love is a film based on my personal experiences, and the many conversations I’ve had with the women in my life around love. A lot of these conversations were exchanged in beauty parlors and hair salons in Harlem and in Garges-lés- gonesse near Paris, where my mother would take my sister and I to get our hair done. Beauty parlor always hold a special place in my heart. It was a place of community and bonding for single women like my mother, and as a grown woman, I’ve also come to appreciate this ritual even more, hence the reason I chose to set my film in a hair salon.

Since love was always the topic of discussion in these Salons, I wanted to explores some universal themes regarding love and the many illusions existing around it. Love can hurt so much that one can decide to totally give up on it. Why is it that when we fall in love, we often abandon ourselves to the other, forgetting ourselves in the process? And why do we always return again and again to the people and places that hurt us – is it really love? I had to go through a lot of heartbreaks and disappointments in love before I came to the realization that I first had to accept and love myself, before I could love another.

I have to say that I did love myself during the process of making this film, it was a great challenge to go through the whole process and to not give up. To finish it was a testimonial of loving myself. As a woman who wants to empower other women, especially young women, I pushed myself to do it all the way.Writing, Producing, Casting, Directing gave me a joy that I didn’t know could exist. I’m so happy to introduced to the world two beautiful and talented French actresses, Karine Plantadit (Tony Award Nominee) and Adeline Michele who are originally from the French west Indies like myself. The Way You love is an homage for women, that is also one of the reason I have so many talented women in my production team. I have been so fortunate to work with the most professional crew, I would work with them again my eyes closed.I know now what does it mean to make an independent film, it is not about the money. it is about faith, it is about people, respect, connection, it is about the love of the craft.

2015 | 12ème Festival International du Film PanAfricain de Cannes – FIFP 2015, France
* Selection
* Projection / Screening: Jeudi 30 avril – 21h00 / Thurday, April 30 – 9pm – Auditorium Californie – Novotel Cannes Montfleury