Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2015
Jareedy – جريدي
Pays concerné : Égypte
Durée : 28 minutes
Type : fiction


Titre français : Jareedy – جريدي
Résumé français : JAREEDY is a film that was shot in Nouba in Egypt, with Nubian language for a first time. It highlights the story of a boy named Konnaf who faces his life long fear & overcomes it after a lot of inner debate & challenge with the self… His fear was to reach a rock in the middle of the Nile through a traditional boat (Jareedy) since he doesn’t know how to swim & that’s unusual for people who live on the shores of the Nile.. Throughout the journey Konnaf was guided & mentored by Abraz, who’s an old boat craftsman.. Abraz lived the displacement from Nouba in 1964 & helped Konnaf reach his dream by inspiring him with stories from the past..

A film by Mohamed Hisham

Egypte, 2015, Fiction, 28 mins

avec Mohamed Saleh, Rayes Nady, Ahmdany El-Nuby

Réalisateur / Director: Mohamed Hisham
Scénariste / Screenwriter: Gamal Salah
Images / Cinematographers: Ashraf Almahrouky, Samo Rera
Monteur / Editor: Mohamed Hisham

Contact: [email protected]
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