Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 1997
Regard des étoiles (Le)
Pays concerné : Mozambique
Durée : 26 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Collection Africa Dreaming.

Dans la banlieue de Maputo, Betinho, un jeune orphelin de guerre est hébergé par son oncle. La femme de ce dernier l’a quitté pour en épouser un autre. Betinho se trouve ainsi au milieu d’un conflit d’adultes. Les rivaux se réconcilieront en découvrant l’origine du drame familial.


At the center of this story is a woman felt only by her absence – in other words, a dream of a woman, perhaps symbolic of the lost dream for a post-independence Mozambique. Salomão owns a bar in Maputo, still down at the heels after the civil war, where the local machos drink and talk of soccer and women. He rather gruffly takes care of his adopted nephew Betinho, a war orphan. Some years before, a young woman, Julia, left him because he refused to let her work or study outside the house. Instead, she married Saide, the man next door. Nothing has been heard of her for months, but the sound of constant wife-beating comes from inside Saide’s house. When Salomão finally decides to put a stop to the beatings, he gets quite a surprise.

Joao Ribeiro, Mozambique, 1997, 26m., color.
In Portuguese with English subtitles
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