Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2019
Ibrahim : un destin à définir
Pays concerné : Territoire palestinien
Durée : 75 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : documentaire


Ibrahim Al Abed était un père de famille palestinien ordinaire avec un travail ordinaire, vivant à Damas…. Ibrahim: A Fate to Define est à la fois une histoire de détective profondément intime et une lettre ouverte à un père qui a disparu alors que le réalisateur n’avait que six ans.

Ibrahim a fate to define Trailer from Sak A Do production on Vimeo.


Ibrahim : A fate to define
Ibrahim Al Abed was an ordinary Palestinian family man with an ordinary job, living in Damascus…. Ibrahim: A Fate to Define is both a deeply intimate detective story and an open letter to a father who disappeared when the director was only six years old.

In 1987, when Lina Alabed was six years old, her Palestinian father Ibrahim set off on a short mission. He never came back. He was a member of the Abu Nidal group, also known as’The Revolutionary Council’, and her father’s past is still haunting the family. His disappearance was not something that was talked about – until now. Lina Alabed’s film has to a great extent become a letter to a father she never really knew, but it is also a warm and personal family tale with temperament and character. Camera in hand, Lina has broken down the walls between herself, her Egyptian mother and the rest of her large family. Even though Alabed leafs backwards in the family album to find answers to her father’s disappearance, her film mostly lives in the present. And where other films about family traumas are sentimental from the start,’Ibrahim’ is a story that also makes way for laughter and a liberating look at the individual differences that make up a family. The big question, however, is still how the father’s decision has affected the adult Lina’s own life choices.

Ibrahim a fate to define Trailer from Sak A Do production on Vimeo.