Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2007
I’m through with White girls – The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks
Jennifer Sharp
Pays concerné : États-Unis
Réalisateur(s) : Jennifer Sharp
Avec : Courtney Lilly
Durée : 89
Genre : comédie romantique
Type : fiction


Jay Brooks est fou de science fiction, il dessine des story-board pour payer ses factures. Dans son milieu rock alterno grunge, il est le seul Noir. A la suite d’une longue série de déceptions sentimentales, Jay remarque qu’il ne sort qu’avec des femmes blanches. Il décide d’arrêter et démarre l’opération « Brown sugar ». Malheureusement, Jay ne correspond pas au profil du « Brotha ». Par la suite, Jay rencontre Catherine, une écrivaine africaine canadienne dont le livre vient d’être publié. Jay met Catherine au défi de lire des extraits de son livre en public. Il réalise par la même occasion sa peur de s’engager dans une relation durable.


2007 | Festival du film Panafricain de Cannes 2007 | 11-15 avril 2007 |
> Première française
> Film d’ouverture du festival
> Dikalo Award du public

2007 | Pan African Film Festival | Los Angeles, USA
*Nomination « meilleur réalisateur : premier film »


Jay Brooks is that black guy who dids indie rock, graphic novels and dates whites chids. After a slew of break-ups, Jay goes on mission / Operation Brown sugar while failing miserably, he meets Catherine, a misunderstood « halfrican Canadian » and budding novelist, who’s as righteously, guirky as he is. Jay struggles to accept their grooing relationship as he realizes commitment is a bigger issue than race.

Written by Courtney Lilly (Arrested Development, Everybody Hates Chris, My Boys),
This is a quirky romantic comedy that addresses race, class, and cultural identity in America.

A story board artist/sci-fi junkie and comic book lover, (30 going on 21) is the only black guy in his indie-rock social circle. Jay does fine with the ladies, but he feels something missing as he watches one of his best friends, Drake, preparing for marriage.

Drake Moore, a tall and handsome black lawyer, has Alpha Male credentials, but is nevertheless controlled by his fiancée, JC who comes from a high strung, well-to-do family. Drake wants to give J.C. the wedding of her dreams, but he sweats over juggling their families’ economic and class prejudices of one another.
As Jay takes stock of his many failed relationships, he notices a common denominator: all the women were white.
Matt, Jay’s best friend and roommate, calls him on blaming his issues on white women, but Jay insists he is right. Jay gives up dating white women « cold turkey, » and goes in search of the perfect « sistah. » Unfortunately, he doesn’t fit the current stereotype of the hip-hop loving, b-boy baller from rap videos. Jay crashes and burns with the « sistahs » and, quite by accident, his quest leads him to Catherine, an un-Orthodox black woman.
Meanwhile, Matt struggles to attract the attentions of Mom, a woman who works in a hip-hop record store. A bit of a nervous fellow, and equally opinionated, Matt and Jay are friends from art school and their relationship centers on their love of comic books, cartoons, movies and music.
Catherine is an up and coming fiction writer. A lover of tobacco and alcohol, Catherine was raised in the Valley, has a therapist in Hollywood, and considers the beach her second home. Although a neurotic Valley girl at heart, Catherine is an old soul. As they are drawn together, Jay challenges Catherine to face her fear of publicly reading her work.

Matt applies to work at the hip-hop record store in order to better court his crush and, after a severe cram session, he barely passes a pre-requisite hip-hop exam.
Jay’s budding relationship and Matt’s effort with Molly, stretches their friendship in un-expected ways. As Jay’s feelings deepen for Catherine, he must address his commitment issues, the real root of his problems, in order to win her.


HONORS: Roxbury FF – Opening Night Film (August 2007)

2008 Official Selection
Afropunk 2008 (USA)
Miami International Film Festival (USA)
Arte Preta International Film Festival (Alberta, Canada)
Reel Film (Toronto, Canada)

2007 Official Selection
Bahamas International Film Festival (Paradise Island, Bahamas)
Norway WT Os International Film Festival (Os, Norway)
American Black Film Festival (USA)
Chicago International Film Festival (USA)
Urban Mediamaker’s Film Festival (USA)
Africa In the Picture (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Black Filmmakers International Film Festival (London, UK)
Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival (USA)
Roxbury Film Festival (USA)
Dances With Films (USA)
Hollywood Black Film Festival (USA)
Pan African Cannes Film Festival (Cannes, France)
Atlanta International Film Festival (USA)
Houston Worldfest Film Festival (USA)

BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE at Hollywood Black Film Festival
BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE at Urban Mediamakers Film Festival
BEST FEATURE Audience Award at Roxbury Film Festival
BEST FEATURE Audience Award at Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival
BEST FEATURE Audience Award at Pan Africain Cannes Film Festival
BEST ACTRESS at Atlanta International Film Festival
BEST ROMANTIC COMEDY at Houston World Fest Film Festival

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