Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2007
Confessions d’une joueuse (Confessions of a Gambler)
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Durée : 87 minutes
Genre : comédie dramatique
Type : fiction


A Cape Town, Abeeda (Rayda Jacobs) est une musulmane, mère de famille, très dévote. Elle va tomber dans l’engranage du jeu dans les casinos

Afrique du Sud/2007/Afrikaans et sous-titres anglais / Couleur / 35mm / 1h27 mins


Confessions of a Gambler
In Cape Town, Abeeda (Rayda Jacobs) is a devout Muslim mother of grown children. She wears traditional garments and prays five times a day, but a chance trip to the casino, and a big win, cause her to stray. When her son dies, she turns to the casino for solace, and her addiction spirals out of control. Soon, this intelligent and independent woman has lost everything, and finds herself with mounting debts and a dangerous involvement with gangsters.

« Rayda Jacobs co-directs and stars in this very funny and poignant story of devotion and addiction, based on her own critically acclaimed novel of the same name. It is a fascinating look at the very distinctive Cape Muslim community in South Africa, whose ancestors arrived in the country as slaves centuries ago. Jacobs gives a wonderful turn as the confident, but damaged, Abeeda, and her deep knowledge of her community shines through in a film that confounds stereotypes with a story of faith and love, lost and regained. » – Nashen Moodley

South Africa/2007/Afrikaans dialogue with English subtitles/Colour/35mm/87 mins


Winner Sunday Times Literary Award

Winner Hernam Charles Bosman Prize.

Official Selection Dubai / Dublin / Miami IFFs
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