Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2000
Love stories
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Durée : 72 minutes
Type : série documentaire


Parmi les héroïques histoires de sacrifice dans le combat contre l’apartheid il y a ceux de personnes ordinaires avec de fascinants mondes intimes- des mondes souvent brisés par la politique. LOVE STORIES, une série de films sur d’extraordinaire histoires d’amour, explore la nature complexe de l’amour de la passion, de l’obsession et de la transgression.


3 x 24 min
Produced by Harriet Gavshon & David Jammy
A Curious Pictures Production

Among the heroic stories of sacrifice in the struggle against apartheid are those of ordinary people with fascinating private worlds-worlds that were often shattered by politics. LOVE STORIES, a series of films about extraordinary love affairs, explore the complex nature of love and passion, obsession and transgression.

« A unique perspective on South African history… Sensational! »-Sunday Times (South Africa)

✮ 2002 African Literature Association Conference Film Festival
✮ 2001 African Studies Association Conference Film Festival

The Moon in My Pocket
Directed by Kgomotso Matsunyane, 24 min
ANC commander Wilton Mkwayi was convicted of treason during the Rivonia Trial in 1966. For 20 years, he applied annually to the prison for permission to marry Irene Khumalo, but was denied each year. Told through letters, interviews and reconstructions, THE MOON IN MY POCKET is the often-unheard personal side of political history.
« Such an honestly touching tale of a man and a woman doomed to separation… (told) gently and with such affection that there’s no room for clichés. » -Janet Smith, The Star Tonight (South Africa)

Bubbles and Me
Directed by Marie Human, 24 min
In 1976, Jannie, a Nationalist Party member, fell in love with Bubbles, a black woman unafraid of the times she lived in. BUBBLES AND ME tells the story of their relationship through the eyes of her daughter, Jackie Luthuli.

White Girl in Search of the Party
Directed by Pat van Heerden, 24 min
In 1943, Pauline Podberry fell in love with the trade union hero, H.A. Naidoo. The events that followed- his listing as a Communist, their exile, and his disillusionment with the Party-create a complex story about context, heroism and romance.
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