Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2010
Obama, plus près du rêve
Titre original : Obama, Closer to the Dream
Pays concerné : États-Unis
Durée : 101 minutes
Genre : politique
Type : documentaire


Alors que Barack Obama deviendra bientôt le candidat démocrate officiel pour la présidence des USA, ce documentaire revient sur son ascension fulgurante au cours des primaires.
Décryptage du phénomène Obama au travers du regard de ses premiers fans : les militants.

Auteurs-réalisateurs : Hervé Cohen et Guetty Felin
Images : Hervé Cohen

Durée : 1h41 et 52 min.

Production : France 5/Belle Moon Productions LLC/AMIP


Closer to the Dream
A journey inside the Obama movement through the inspiring stories of ordinary Americans.

Written and Directed by Guetty Felin and Hervé Cohen

52 min. and 101 min.

a BelleMoon / AMIP / France 5 Production.

« This film captures, through the moving frame of one family’s personal and professional commitment, the compelling arc of Obama’s campaign for the Democratic party nomination. Journeying from their home in Paris, the filmmakers and their sons talk to an incredible range of people, capturing them with an honesty and intelligence that is remarkable. The film is an antidote to mainstream news portrayals of the campaign, and delivers many reasons for hope about the future of the American experiment ».
-Gina Maranto, journalist, Cultural Critic, University Professor.

France/USA, 2009
Written and Directed by Guetty Felin and Herve Cohen
Videography: Hervé Cohen
Editor : Isabelle Ingold
Music: Ben Harper, Yeelen Cohen and Funk Plastik

Production Companies :
BelleMoon Productions LLC (USA) and AMIP (France)
Running Time: 102 minutes

Cast :
Joakim Cohen
Yeelen Cohen
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
Amie Inman
Congresswoman Barbara Lee
The Odom Family
James Forman Jr.
Constancia Romily
MC Moja
Cheryl Johnson
The Hefner Family
Tony B Conscious
Jack Potts
Waylan and Abe Holderman
Funk Plastik
Rabbi David Steinhardt
Mark Gilbert
Marc Paige
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