Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 1989
Twilight City
Pays concerné : Royaume-Uni
Durée : 52 minutes
Genre : politique
Type : documentaire


Docu-fiction autour de la ville de Londres, mélangeant propos de journalistes et universitaires avec une lettre fictionnelle d’une fille à sa mère en Dominique.

Réal. Reece Auguiste

1989, UK, 52 min, couleur, son, 16mm,

Prod : Black Audio Film Collective pour Channel 4, tx 20/11/1989

Réal : Reece Auguiste
Production : Black Audio Film Collective
Producteur : Avril Johnson
Auteurs du Commentaire : Edward George, John Akomfrah
Images : Jonathan Collinson
Musique : Trevor Mathison
ACTEURS : Homi Bhaba, Andy Coupland, Paul Gilroy, Gail Lewis, Savriti Hensman


Drama documentary about the city of London, interspersing personal recollections from journalists and academics with a fictional letter from a daughter to her mother in Domenica.

By 1989, the Conservative government was three years into a programme of wealth creation and urban redevelopment unparalleled in 20th Century Britain. BAFC’s third work Twilight City can be seen as the first essay-film to map the new London through an excavation of Docklands, the City, Limehouse and the Isle of Dogs.

In its movement between archival image, fictional script, studio interview, photographic tableau and travelling long shots, London is reimagined as a nighttime city of light and glass, bordered by a landscape of dreams, sequenced by electronic pulses.

Dir. Reece Auguiste

1989, UK, 52 min, colour, sound, 16mm,

Prod : Black Audio Film Collective for Channel 4, tx 20/11/1989

Director: Reece Auguiste
Production Company: Black Audio Film Collective
Producer: Avril Johnson
Commentary Writers: Edward George, John Akomfrah
Photography: Jonathan Collinson
Music: Trevor Mathison
Cast: Homi Bhaba; Andy Coupland; Paul Gilroy; Gail Lewis; Savriti Hensman

HENSMAN, Savriti
SHIRE, George
VISRAM, Rosina

Production Company Black Audio Film Collective
Director AUGUISTE, Reece
Producer JOHNSON, Avril
Financial assistance Channel Four
Associate Producer GOPAUL, Lina
Production Manager/Locatiuon Manager JOHNSON, Avril
Director of Photography COLLINSON, Jonathan
Additional Photography SINGH, Shangara
Rostrum Photography MORSE, Ken
Editor THUMIM, Brand
Models CARNEY, Denis
Models TAYLOR, Robert
Music MATHISON, Trevor
Titles Plume Design
Sound Editor THUMIM, Brand
Sound Editor BOATMAN, Joe
Sound Recording MATHISON, Trevor
Sound Re-recording HODGES, Peter
Research AUGUISTE, Reece
Production Assistant LAWSON, David
Commentary Writer GEORGE, Edward
Commentary Writer AKOMFRAH, John
Narrator SYMONDS, Amanda
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