Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 1999
Soul in Torment
Pays concerné : Zimbabwe
Durée : 26 minutes
Type : documentaire


Un film de Prudence Uriri


Independence 1980 means peace and the end of oppression. Yet soon after the celebrations another war begins in Matabeleland. But why when the battle for freedom and justice had been won? Uriri introduces us to a member of the 5th Brigade, a secret army that planned massacres on behalf of the newly formed Zimbabwean Government, whose deeds still torment him. The film examines notions of truth and reconciliation that foreshadow current events in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe 1999 26min Video
Dir: Prudence Uriri


2000 | Encounters South African International Documentary Film Festival | CAPE TOWN, South Africa |
* Selection
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