Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 2008
Inanda, my heritage
Pays concerné : Afrique du Sud
Durée : 48 minutes
Genre : politique
Type : documentaire


Afrique du Sud, 2008, 48 min
anglais & Zulu; sous-titres anglai
Réal : Omelga MTHIYANE


Just a few kilometres north of Durban is Inanda Valley, a tough place to make a living, but a place of which to be proud. The valley has had a fascinating political, educational and religious infl uence on history through inspiring figures, including ANC co-founders Dr JL Dube and Pixely Ka Seme. But while the charismatic figures of the past continue to influence the hopes and dreams of the youth of today, the community is divided about just how those messages should be interpreted.
Mthiyane’s storytelling is original and constructive, persuasively leading the viewer on a journey through the reality of living in ‘Freedom Valley’.

South Africa 2008 48 min
English & Zulu; English subtitles
Dir: Omelga MTHIYANE
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