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Cinéma/TV, Littérature / édition
Black Camera – Close-Up: Black Film and Black Visual Culture
Edition : Indiana University Press
Pays d’édition : États-Unis


Spike Lee’s Documentaries: The Creative Art of Making Nonfiction
– Delphine Letort

Addressing the “Negro Problem”: Rethinking the Coon and the Mammy in King of the Zombies and Revenge of the Zombies
– Toni Pressley-Sanon

Every Nigger is a Star: Reimagining Blackness from Post-Civil Rights America to Postindependence Caribbean
– Erica Moiah James

Benoît Ramampy (1947-1996): A Life Dedicated to Cinema
– Karine Blanchon

On Practicing an Independent African American Cinema: An Interview with Kevin Willmott
– De Witt Douglas Kilgore

Close-Up: Black Film and Black Visual Culture

– Keith Harris

“Black is…” and That’s the Beauty of It: Ten Propositions Concerning the Visible and the Visual, in Consideration of Black Cinema and Black Visual Culture
– Keith Harris

Building the Black (Universal) Archive and the Architecture of Black Cinema
– Lauren McLeod Cramer

B.A.D. (Black Abstraction Dreaming): A Conversation with Kevin Jerome Everson
– Michael Boyce Gillespie

In a (Not So) Silent Way: Listening Past Black Visuality in Symbiopsychotaxiplasm
– Charles “Chip” P. Linscott

Blackness and the Image of Motility: A Suspenseful Critque
– Alessandra Raengo

Africultures Dossier

“Coming to Terms with the Past Will Allow One to Continue”: Interview with Leyla Bouzid about As I Open My Eyes
– Olivier Barlet

“I Am Not Interested in Denouncing Polygamy: My Film Goes Beyond That”: Interview with Angèle Diabang about So Long a Letter
– Olivier Barlet

“It Is Up to Us to Work on Our Own Complexes”: An Interview with Alice Diop
– Olivier Barlet

African Women and the Documentary: Storytelling, Visualizing Hisotry, from the Personal to the Political
– Beti Ellerson