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ESSAI | Octobre 2013
Panafricanism and African Renaissance
Edem Kodjo
Pays concerné : Togo
Edition : Graines de Pensées
Pays d’édition : Togo
ISBN : 978-2-916101-57-6
Dewey : Histoire géographie
Pages: 160
Prix : 12.00
Parution : 01 Octobre 2013


This book designed as an interview purports to be an in-depht analysis of the ideology of pan-Africanism, the Founding fathers’ achievements, the contemporary panafricanist’ vision, the vision and the track record of the OAU now AU, an organization for which upholding pan-Africanism is presented as a much. On the wake of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the OAU on the 23rd May 2013, Edem Kodjo appeals to the conscientious youth to dedicate themselves to building a united and prosperous Africa.
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