Fiche Livre
Littérature / édition, Poésie / Conte
Richard Mabala
Pays concerné : Tanzanie
Edition : Mkuki na Nyota Publishers Ltd
Pays d’édition : Tanzanie
ISBN : 978-9976-1-0205-5
Prix : 0.00


Summons is the first collection of poetry written in English in Tanzania. Although Tanzania was under British colonist, it is no, today, so-called « English speaking ». Kiswahili has become its predominant language in all spheres of communication and most Tanzanian writers write exclusively in Kiswahili. Tanzanian Publishing House, while giving priority to writing in Kiswahili, does not discourage thoughts who can write in foreign lasagnes from doing so. Summons is an example of the potential which exists for writing in the English language. The poets in this collection are young people brought up in the ferment of the policy of Socialism and Self Reliance. Their poetry is therefore, as would be expected, about problems of building socialism. They are about the sufferings of imperialist exploitation, in alliance with its local agents who include bureaucrats and dishonest leaders. They are about and against ideologies which mystify the vision people have of themselves and of their lives. They are also about ordinary human questions and about the search of the poets for personal happiness and meaning in their lives.

Summons has been approved by EMAC to be used as a sett book for O Levels in Tanzania Secondary Schools.