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Turn Back Blow
Roger Williams
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Turn Back Blow by Roger Williams, which focuses on the issue of cruelty towards animals, has been breaking ground internationally, with several Ivy League universities adding the book to their catalogues. However, Williams said getting similar attention in Jamaica has been an ongoing struggle.

Williams told The Sunday Gleaner that the biggest struggles he has faced with the novel have been when dealing with Jamaican officials. The author said he wants the book to become as important locally as it is internationally, since it was inspired by an incident which took place in Jamaica.

His main objective is to have the novel included in the Jamaican school curriculum. However, that might be easier done abroad than locally.

"A teacher who lives and works at a school in New York read the first two sample chapters on Amazon and immediately ordered a copy. She is halfway through it and loving it, and is even convincing her principal to introduce the school to the book," Williams said.

He went on to express disappointment at the pace at which several officials from various Jamaican organisations have been responding to his requests to assess the book and give feedback. "One of the main reasons why I am disappointed with the Jamaica education system. I mean, I have dealt with Harvard, Princeton, Yale and more, and I have never been given the runaround as much," Williams said.