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JOURNAL | Janvier 2005
Kwani? 03
Billy Kahora
Pays concerné : Kenya
Edition : Kwani Trust
ISBN : 9966983643
Parution : 01 Janvier 2005


Kwani? is arguably Africa’s most exciting and varied literary initiative of recent years. Describing itself as’a magazine of ideas, [that]seeks to entertain, provoke and create’, Kwani commissions and publishes stories, poetry, art and photography’from all around the African continent and the diaspora’. Kwani 03 considers itself to be’by far the most complete issue…published’, declaring that it reflects’another Kenya growing out of [the]ashes [that]has learnt to need nobody; to be competitive and creative. It speaks Sheng. It is the Kenya we are waiting for’. This volume features the writing of Ed Pavlic, Billy Kahora, Mukoma Ngugi, Charles Mungoshi and M.G. Vassanji. It includes cartoons and photographs, and poetry and interviews in Sheng, a Swahili-based patois spoken in East Africa. Sheng is a rapidly evolving and dynamic language finding particular use among East African hip hop artists, such as Nonini, whose music has inspired the contributors of this volume. Members of the Kalamashaka trio, the pioneers of Swahili rap, also contribute poems to this section.

format : 229 x 152 mm

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