La littérature africaine de jeunesse : quelle visibilité sur le marché international du livre ?
juin 2013 | Divers | Littérature / édition | International
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Réflexion très intéressante (en anglais) de Mariette Robbes à propos de la présence croissante de l’édition de jeunesse africaine au sein des rendez-vous du livre internationaux.

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Children’s books publishing, in expansion in many regions in the world, is particularly strategic in countries where publishing is emergent – it is indeed through youth literature that tomorrow’s readership is formed. While catering for their local readership, publishers in Africa also wish to be known internationally and to have business with publishers from others countries. Their participation at some public book fairs in the North, for instance the Montreuil Children’s Book Fair (the biggest French children’s book fair) shows the existence of a readership on the Northern markets. However, publishers from African countries still participate very little in the global exchange of rights that animates the publishing world – and which is the core of international events like the Bologna or Frankfurt Book Fairs (…)

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Publié sur le Blog « Paper Tigers ».
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