Zvoitwasei Series 2 premiere date set
mars 2015 | Sortie de film, livre, album… | Cinéma/TV | Zimbabwe


MANYENE Chivhu Arts Association is set to premiere Zvoitwasei Series 2 in Harare on April 1.

The film is a one-hour 12-minute debut sequel that was written, directed and produced by Leonard Chibamu.

Chibamu said in an interview that the series was shot in 3D format and will be available on DVD and Blu Ray disc formats.

“Our purpose for this production is to educate the public on the need to respect family and social ties in view of the rampant rural-to-urban migration with a lot of family disintegration being experienced.

“There is too much sexual, physical and verbal abuse being perpetrated against domestic workers whilst the relationship between landlords and tenants is not that rosy with the latters’ rights being infringed,” Chibamu said.

Chibamu saluted Manyene and Chivhu communities for their support throughout the production and post-production.

“Our debut production was well received and through our distribution network we have reached the greater part of the country and beyond borders to South Africa and some parts of the United Kingdom,” he said.

Judith Basvi is the chief protagonist in the drama which centres on a young African woman born in the Manyene communal lands in Chivhu district.

She moves to Harare where she secures employment as a maid through an employment agent.

The young woman, however becomes involved in an incestuous relationship with Titus the son of her landlord’s employer who is apparently her relative.

Basvi is immediately sacked from her job when the landlord discovers the affair.

The young woman decides to feign pregnancy to force Titus into marriage, but the plan falls apart when she is thrown out of the house.

Manyene Chivhu Arts Association was formed in 2013 aimed at promoting talent in Chivhu and Masvingo.

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