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Une campagne sur 30 jours
Le réalisateur éthiopien Haile Gerima (auteur de films remarquables tels que TEZA, SANKOFA & BUSH MAMA) a besoin de tout un chacun.
Aucune somme n’est insignifiante pour permettre de donner vie à un scénario qui attend d’être tourné depuis sept ans. La campagne est lancée pour un mois, sur Indiegogo.

Le film : L’histoire se déroule dans les années 1960, en Ethiopie, 20 ans après l’occupation italienne. Aynalem, une jeune paysanne de 13 ans est adoptée par une riche famille de juge, avec la promesse d’une bonne éducation et d’une meilleure vie. Contrairement à cette promesse, elle est au contraire forcée de travailler comme domestique. Bientôt, malgré le contrôle strict et la cruauté de ses employeurs, elle rencontre et tombe amoureuse d’un policier ordinaire, appelé Tilahun. Il l’aidera à s’échapper ; mais le sort est tenace.

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1 – SUIVRE @YETUTLIJMOVIE: sur Twitter et Instagram. Utiliser hashtag #Childof pour montrer votre soutien.

2 – PARTAGER THE LIEN: Utiliser → ← pour être sûr que tous vos contacts, followers et amis savent où aller afin de contribuer.

3 – FAITES PASSER LE MOT : chaque minute, heure, jour, compte ! Ne pas oublier que, après le 1er Juin, NOUS AVONS SEULEMENT afin d’atteindre notre but.

4 – VISITER SANKOFA: Si vous être à Washington D.C., durant le mois de juin, venez à nos évènements locaux de campagne ou faites un arrêt par le Sankofa Video & Books Cafe pour voir comment nous travaillons concrètement pour les arts et le cinéma indépendant.

Thierno I. Dia
Africiné / Africultures


Join the award-winning filmmaker behind TEZA, SANKOFA & BUSH MAMA on a new journey.

what’s your new film project?

YETUT LIJ is an Amharic phrase, that crudely translates to « Child of the Breast. » It’s a term typically used to refer to any child taken in and raised by someone, other than their biological parent.

The title intimates the harsh and complex realities that I want to address in this film.

My story takes place in 1960’s Ethiopia, 20 years after the Italian occupation. Aynalem, a 13-year-old peasant girl, gets adopted by a wealthy judge’s family and taken away from her own, with the promise of an educated upbringing and a better life. Contrary to this promise, she is instead forced to work as a domestic servant. Yet, despite the close watch and cruelty of her employers, she meets and falls in love with an ordinary police man, named Tilahun.Though, he manages to help her escape her circumstances, Tilahun finds Aynalem years later, in the clutches of another formidable captor.

why are you crowd-funding?

YETUT LIJ is a fictional drama with very real implications about human rights, specifically the right to love in the face of local and global forces. Though, the film is set in Ethiopia, Aynalem, for me, represents a vulnerable population of women and girls, who are trafficked exploited and enslaved all over the world.

The film’s script has been finished for more than 7 years, but unfortunately, the majority of that time has been spent trying to secure financing for the film.

I now have close to 0,000 secured in co-production funds, that will be lost if I am unable to raise the rest of the funds that I need to start shooting on-location in Ethiopia. In order to ensure this does not happen, I need a minimum of 0,000 in matching funds to help finance the YETUT LIJ production.

why do you need all that money?

Though 0,000 is no small favor to ask of you, it does make for a small budget.

Having directed and produced many of my past productions abroad, I can attest that filming on-location, especially in Africa, is expensive. But I know that with a minimum of million, I can achieve the same level of production value that I have demonstrated with past films, like TEZA (2008), winner of the Golden Stallion Award at FESPACO and the special jury prize at the Venice Film Festival, among other recognition.

Award-winning films of this caliber would generally cost tens of millions of dollars, but I take pride in my ability to accomplish more with less.

why should I support you?

By asking you to support the YETUT LIJ production, I am not just asking you to help me make my film, I am asking you to make a statement about the kind of films that you want to support, and the kind of films that you want to see.

For over 40 years, I’ve worked as an independent filmmaker, fighting tooth-and-nail to tell personal stories that I feel passionate about. YETUT LIJ is no different.

will my contribution make a difference?

Every contribution counts, no matter the amount. Since we’re raising campaign funds through Positive Productions, Inc., our verified non-profit, you can trust that every dollar that you contribute is tax-deductible. And any funds raised past our 0,000 goal will go directly toward the costs of post-production.

If you care about independent films, especially, those that portray people of color as complex characters with their own agency, then help me harness the same grassroots energy that made my critically-acclaimed film, SANKOFA a success.

what else can I do to help?

1 – FOLLOW @YETUTLIJMOVIE: On Twitter and Instagram. Use the hashtag #Childof to show your support.

2 – SHARE THIS LINK: Use → ← to be sure that all your contacts, followers and friends know where to go to contribute.

3 – SPREAD THE WORD: On the minute, on the hour, every day! Remember, after June 1st, WE ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS to reach our goal.

4 – VISIT SANKOFA: If you’re in the D.C. area, during the month of June, come to one of our local campaign events or stop by Sankofa Video & Books Cafe to see community arts and independent film in action.
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