Suya heads back to Zambia for movie role
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Malawi’s leading lady of film Flora Suya continues with her movie exploits in Zambia with a new drama role.

This is her latest acting role in Zambia following her starring in Chenda, apart from a series of local soaps and movies.

The Africa Movie Academy Awards nominee has left for Lusaka to work on her new role in a film Under The Bed.

“The last time I was there I left some unfinished projects so I’m going to finish that. One of them is a short film titled Under The Bed,” she said.

In the movie, Suya plays a middle-aged working class woman who thinks her marriage is perfect until she meets and falls for a charming man. Meanwhile, her husband is also cheating on her with her lover’s wife.

“It is an interesting movie full of intrigue, chronicling what is happening in our everyday life. The story is relevant to Malawi and Zambia as well as other countries because it’s based on real life experiences,” she explained.

Suya is also expected to relaunch her Zambian produced movie Chenda. The film was premiered in December, but the director got arrested soon after.

Back home, Malawians will soon appreciate a different Suya when her first ever movie production is out.

She tried a directing role in a short film titled Chimwemwe.

The movie, now in post production phase, is a story of protagonist Chimwemwe, played by Suya, who is a very happy and excited woman to start a married life with the love of her life, played by Raymond Sekeni.

But on the day of their honeymoon, thugs break in their room with the intention of stealing money. Angry with finding nothing, the thugs take turns in raping Chimwemwe, an incident that changes her life forever.

In a related development, Suya has been made the ambassador of the Progressive Young Ambassadors for Development (PYAD) a youth club in the dusty populous township in Chinsapo, Lilongwe.

This follows a series of different activities, including motivation talks that Suya gas had with the group’s members who are mainly secondary school leavers.

“I’m excited to be part of PYAD because I believe in their vision and objectives. I’ll help the youth to realise their potential in governance and development issues. I will also work hand in hand with them to create a platform where the youths will expose their talents

“We’ll work towards giving Malawian youths the value they deserve through various innovations and transformational contributions in governance issues,” she said.

PYAD executive director Jonah Pankuku they appointed Suya as ambassador because of the relationship she developed with the group.

“We have hosted different professionals, but it was her who continued working with us even after that. That compelled us to choose her,” he said.
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