Ceraphin Corporation Has Launched ‘Ceraphin Magazine’, But Printing Soon
novembre 2017 | Faits de société | Histoire/société | Canada


On Friday, November 10TH 2017, the private organization, mass media brand, and publisher, which is operating under the name of (Ceraphin Corporation, Inc), has launched its very first online magazine, and digital platform under the name of (Ceraphin Magazine), in order to contribute into the entertainment world. The magazine's goals will be based about entertainment, culture, lifestyle, news, and many other important topics out there. During an interview with one of the top Leaders at (Ceraphin Corporation, Inc), Werley has told that the members at (Ceraphin Magazine) are already selected for its launching in order to move forward, and he also said that he might add additional members if it's needed. The magazine will become international soon by launching multiple editions of it, and each edition will have their own goals, said Werley. The first edition, the members are really educated, and they are all professionals.

The magazine's publisher, and owned, which is (Ceraphin Corporation, Inc), is working very hard with its partners, and other organizations while the official website for (Ceraphin Magazine) is going live so people can have access to the stories, interviews, and news written by its professional writers, editors, journalists, and reporters. During the interview with one of the Leaders in (Ceraphin Corporation, Inc), we have learned that the private organization have spent at least less than K for advertising, and other important needs. When we asked about printing, one of the Leaders at (Ceraphin Corporation, Inc) said that printing is one of the goals that will take time, and a lot of money to do so, but will launch that very soon.

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