Kenley Nortreus Elected CEO of iJazzy Classical
juillet 2019 | Projets culturels | Média | Haïti


Kenley Nortreus is also a businessman like his brother Werley Nortreus because both of them run multiple companies. Kenley Nortreus is known as a founder of Ceraphin Corporation like his brother.

In January 2019, the radio broadcasting network company under the name of Ceraphin Radio Network has elected Kenley Nortreus as the CEO of iJazzy Classical, a 100% JAZZ radio station owned by his older brother Werley Nortreus (60%) and Ceraphin Radio Network (40%).

iJazzy Classical is a Haiti-only Jazz radio station located in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. The station is owned by Werley Nortreus (60%) and Ceraphin Radio Network (40%) and the radio will be accepting Broadway songs now from the whole continent of Africa and other countries. 

"iJazzy Classical broadcasts 100% Jazz live on air and across the Internet. The radio station's slogan is 'iJazzy Keeps You In Good Mood' and the station has reached out to millions of listeners worldwide," says the team at Ceraphin Radio Network.

Ceraphin Radio Network was founded by Werley Nortreus and the rest of the Nortreus Family members. The radio network's slogan is known as 'Your Network, Your Stations'.

The network that owns and operates more than five Internet radio stations worldwide and has additionally announced new features to aim and improve its goals and entertainment globally. 

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