Festival de Zanzibar : palmarès
juillet 2005 | | Cinéma/TV | Tanzanie


Feature Film

Golden Dhow – Best Feature Film
Khakestar-O-Khak / Earth and Ashes
Dir: Atiq Rahimi [Afghanistan]

Silver Dhow – Feature Film
The Drum
Dir: Director Zola Maseko[South Africa]

Special Mention – Feature Films
Impian Kemarau / The Rainmaker
Dir: Ravi Bharwani [Indonesia]

Short Film

Golden Dhow – Best Short/animation Film
Kare Kare Zvako/Mother’s Day
Dir: Tsitsi Dangarembga [Zimbabwe]

Silver Dhow – Short Film
(The jury did not find any suitable film for The Silver Dhow in this category)

Special Mention – Short Films
Lamokwang/Calabash Dir: Ndaliko Katondola Petna [Uganda]

Documentary Film

Golden Dhow – Best Documentary Film
The Importance of Being Elegant
Dir: George Amponsah [Ghana]

Silver Dhow – Documentary Film
Well Guarded Dreams
Dir: Isabel Noronha [Mozambique]

East Africa Production
ZIFF East African Production Award
Babu’s Babies
Dir: Christine Bala [Kenya]

Chairpersons Award
All about Darfur
Dir Taghred Elsanhouri [Sudan / UK]

UNICEF Children’s and Human Rights
Dir: Beatrix Mugishagwe (Tanzania)

Through My Eyes
Directors: Kavila Matu / Eric Kabera

ZIFF Board Award

Lifetime Achievement Award
Souleymane Cisse [Mali]

Lifetime Achievement Award
Kasamali Gulam [Tanzania]

The International Critics prize
The Drum
Dir: Zola Maseko [South Africa]

Premier jury fipresci dans l’Afrique Subsaharienne composé de :
Hassouna Mansouri (Tunisie) – Président
Belinda Van de Graaf (Pays Bas)
Jean-Marie Mollo Olinga (Cameroun)
Li Cheuk To (Hong Kong)

Jury Report To The Participants
Madame First Lady, distinguished guests, filmmakers and other artists, brothers and sisters, Asalaamu Alaikum!

The international jury at the 8th Zanzibar International Film Festival is pleased to present our report to you. In doing so, we wish to acknowledge and to express our deep appreciation for the important work of — and support by – ZIFF festival director Jacub Barua; executive director, Yvonne Adiambo Owuor; Board; staff (both paid and voluntary); and to you, the enthusiastic public, at this successful celebration of Dhow and world culture.

Madame First Lady, distinguished guests, filmmakers and other artists, brothers and sisters, it is significant to note that this respected jury, representing four continents (Asia, Africa, Europe and North America), operating democratically on the basis of consensus, and representing diverse professions are unanimous in all our decisions.

We screened and discussed 30 films from 20 countries: 9 feature films, 13 documentary films, and 8 short films; 8 of these 30 came from East Africa.

We are encouraged by noticing, over the years, an increased number of entries from East Africa. We welcome these evolving accomplishments and we are sure that ZIFF, as a meeting place for professionals from this region, will continue to play a major role in stimulating the continued growth of the regional film industry. We believe this could not have happened without the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and inspiration from filmmakers of the wider Dhow region

We are proud and honoured to have been invited as guests and jury at this unique festival. We wish ZIFF a good, strong monsoon backwind on its important continued voyage.

Dr. Harold Weaver, President

Anne Lise Andreasen

Ghonche Materego

Arvind Sinha
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