36th New York exposition of short film and video
mai 2002 | | Cinéma/TV | États-Unis


Le festival se tient du 6 au 12 décembre 2002 au Cinema Village de New York City. C’est l’événement principal de l’année à New York pour les courts métrages de fiction, d’animation ou documentaires.

Le festival recherche des films/videos, de moins de 60 minutes, achevés depuis 2000.
Candidatures d’étudiants et de cinéastes étrangers bienvenues.

Formats accpetés : 35mm, 16mm, and Beta SP video.
Coût de la participation : .00.
Date limite d’envoi : 1er juillet 2002.
Formulaire de participation et infos sur le site.

New York’s premier showcase for cutting-edge international shorts seeks fiction, animation, documentary and experimental film and video for its 36th season. The New York EXPO is the nation’s longest-running annual festival of independent shorts. Last year’s program included 77 films from 19 countries.
This year the New York EXPO will be held December 6 – 12 at the newly renovated Cinema Village Theater in Greenwich Village. Over 70 Jury Award winners selected by teams of top film and video professionals in the New York City community will be screened. Along with its side-bars, panels and social events, this year’s EXPO will also offer multiple screenings and an extended week-long program. Selected award winners will also tour to other national venues.
Gold, Silver, Bronze and Best Debut awards are granted in each category and will be awarded at the Closing Night Ceremony. Judges for the EXPO have included Academy Award-winning directors, noted independents, eminent scholars and critics. EXPO sponsors include Barbizon Electric, Cineric, Inc., Deluxe Film Labs, DuArt Film Labs, Eastman Kodak, The Experimental Television Center, Future Media Concepts, Wendy Keyes, Johnny Rockets, The New York State Council on the Arts, SHOUT, New York Women in Film and Television and Skyy Spirits.
The EXPO seeks films/videos, under 60 minutes in length, completed since
2000. Student and international, entries are welcome. Public screening
formats: 35mm, 16mm, and Beta SP video. Preview on 1/2″VHS video, NTSC only.
Entry Fee: .00. (USD only) Return of preview tape: shipping/handling.
Entry Deadline: July 1.
Entry forms and regulations
downloadable from the website.
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